West Coast Supply Review: Are They A Reliable Dispensary?

This West Coast Supply review will be unlike any other as I won’t dive deep into the things that wouldn’t be of use to you. In fact, we will only be discussing the essentials —the contributing factors that would assist and help you in your journey of buying weed online in Canada!

To give you a slight rundown of what we’ll discuss, it will include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and Navigation Within the Website
  • West Coast Supply Product Quality
  • Product Selection And Whether They Stock Regularly
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping Fees
  • Delivery and Packaging
  • Prices, Coupon Codes, and Discounts

Let’s start by looking at and going over the business profile of West Coast Supply. I don’t know about you, but I like to at least have an idea of the business I am going to transact with —especially if it’s an online site.

There’s a vast selection of online dispensaries in the market today, and understanding the business of the one you’ll be doing business with can save you money, effort, and a lot of headaches!

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West Coast Supply Business Profile

West Coast Supply is a legit and legal online dispensary with a solid belief in the medical and medicinal advantages that cannabis has. Of course, this is only when cannabis is adequately consumed.

Upon checking their About section, they say that they work with producers and growers who are Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) certified to ensure that they’ll provide the best and highest-quality products to patients.

Being a reputable organization that offers quality products, you can bank and count on them to give you fantastic quality cannabis with a very subtle hint of expense. West Coast Supply offers premium service with world-class products!

They have a foundation of customers growing rapidly and urgently, thanks to the great prices and amazing quality they offer.

Furthermore, many cannabis enthusiasts and experts consider them the ultimate one-stop shop for their cannabis-related needs! All my friends know who they are and all they tell me is that they’ve had a fantastic experience with them!

West Coast Supply Review 2023: The Best Online Dispensary?

Why settle with inaccurate and fake West Coast Supply reviews when you can get a legitimate one? There’s really no guarantee if you rely on these types of documents, but one thing is certain —everything you will read here is from personal experiences and those that I know!

Observation #1: Website Structure

What is the first thing you’ll see when you access an online dispensary? Their website, yes. This is why a good-looking, fast-loading website is one of the critical components of a successful online cannabis dispensary.

Is West Coast Supply up to that task? How was their website, overall?

Design and User Interface

One thing that I overly loved about West Coast Supply’s website is that it’s filled with art —not just any type of art, cannabis art! I can say that they have somehow invested in the quality of their website to allow their clients and customers to be astounded by the view while they were shopping.

The design is an A+, and the user interface is an A++. The colors are bright, so they’re easy on the eyes, and I loved how the text or the font was easy to understand.

Their website is easily one of the best and brightest ones in terms of color in the market today!


Navigation would be the ease of how a customer can get from one page to another within the internal links on the website. West Coast Supply offers easy and straightforward navigation, which is actually helpful, especially to customers who aren’t tech-savvy.

When you access the homepage of the website, it’s pretty straightforward. It won’t take you anywhere you don’t want, and their dropdown menus are helpful, too!

Compared to other dispensaries with dynamic graphics and images, West Coast Supply’s are bigger and a lot more designed, which is a win-win as it keeps everything entertaining.

The only thing confusing about it is when you hover your mouse on their dropdowns. You actually need to be within the interface of the dropdown; otherwise, the dropdown will close.

Loading Speed

The loading speed is average. Some redirects took me over 2 seconds, while most were at 0.7 to 0.9 seconds. It’s fast, and I would say it’s absolutely acceptable even if it reaches the 2-second mark at times —also probably because of your internet connection.

Observation #2: Product Selection

My experience of scam or ripoff websites is that they will only focus on a few things rather than offering a wide array of items. For example, I’ve had this encounter with a scam just recently, and I IMMEDIATELY KNEW they were a scam.

West Coast Supply is DEFINITELY not a scam —that’s what I thought when I first saw their product lineup. So, let’s take a look at the product categories and the menu of West Coast Supply so we can somehow get a sense of how they make great sales!

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In the online cannabis dispensary industry, categorization is key. The more arranged and grouped a particular product set is, the easier it will be for people to understand where to go.

West Coast Supply’s categories are appropriately set, with the shop being at the first of the menus. Under shop are all the products West Coast Supply has, which are the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms)
  • Vapes
  • CBD
  • Accessories

The “SALE” part there would just be the products that they have that are currently on sale. Meaning you can purchase them at discounted prices.

So, don’t be confused when you see concentrates, edibles, and vapes under SALE because if they are discounted, they would really be there!

I won’t go into detail about each of these categories because they’re kind of self-explanatory. But you can see them for yourself when you access them!

Product Availability

Out of the many different dispensaries I’ve transacted with, West Coast Supply has been, by far, the most versatile when it comes to product availability. I mean, they have 100+ marijuana flowers (a mix of hybrid, indica, and sativa), 65+ concentrates, 39+ edibles, and so on —you get the point.

You’ll never be startled by nothingness when you choose them as the dispensary you will work with. In fact, you’ll be dumbfounded by the number of cannabis products they have.

Not to mention the fact that they have accessories, too!

Observation #3: Product Quality

When it comes to cannabis, quality is the name of the game. I don’t know about you, but I love platinum blueberry. The richness and depth of aroma and flavor get me every single time. But, not all platinum blueberry strains are made equally —that’s where the quality of the products that dispensaries offer comes in.

Now that we’re aware of the amazing selection West Coast Supply has let’s talk about the number one indicator of whether the cannabis products are good or not —quality.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile is the quality of a particular strain that gives its aroma, scent, flavor, and potency. WestCoastSupply provides the expected scent and flavor per strain, which is, safe to say, the terpene profile.

Although the dispensary does not give out the list of terpenes, they’ve done a great job of outlining and detailing the flavors that users can experience when they get the strain.

Furthermore, West Coast Supply also highlighted each strain’s effects and medical benefits, should they have any. It was a roller-coaster ride of enjoyment, fun, and medicinal features all at the same time.

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Product Quality Feedback

But what about other people, though? Do they have the same feedback as me? Luckily, they do! For each of their products, there is a review area where people who purchased can leave a review of how they found the product.

The majority of the ratings (out of 5 stars) were 4.5, which is a pretty good rating considering the amount of products they have. Most people left reviews on the marijuana flowers because those were the best and top-selling products they had. However, people also left feedback and reviews on their other products.

Observation #4: Shipping and Delivery Fees

They’re all online now, so you always need to consider the shipping and delivery fees they ask for more than anything else. For example, the majority of online cannabis dispensaries have decent handling fees, usually around $25 to $50, depending on your exact location.

The higher the shipping cost, the fewer chances I’ll buy from that store. You’re already spending money by buying from a dispensary; shouldn’t they give this to you at least? Let’s dive deep and take a look at the delivery, handling, and shipping fees that WestCoast Supply has!

Free Shipping

In case you haven’t noticed, most, if not all, online cannabis dispensaries offer free shipping when you hit a certain amount of products you purchased. For example, for dispensary A, you’ll get free shipping if your orders total $150+, dispensary B will give it to you if you have more than five products, and if it’s $250 —you get the point.

With West Coast Supply, you’ll be eligible for free shipping if your order exceeds the $149 mark. Simply put, if you purchased products worth $149 and above, your shipping fee will automatically be canceled.

It’s a pretty good deal, considering the fact that the majority of dispensaries offer free shipping for orders north of $200.

Shipment Options

West Coast Supply has two (2) shipping options they offer: XPress Shipping and Expedited Shipping. Expedited shipping is the standard rate, going at $20.00, while XPress Shipping is the faster delivery at $25.00.

I wouldn’t mind paying an extra five (5) bucks if I’ll get my orders in less than a week! It’s great that they have this option, unlike other dispensaries where you’re stuck to just one. But let’s say I’m not in a rush, and I want to save up $5; maybe for another product, I would gladly take the $20 option instead of the $25. So it’s amazing that they have these options!

Payment Methods

This is probably one of the many reasons why long-time cannabis enthusiasts choose West Coast Supply as their go-to dispensary. If you’ve been in the market for some time now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the majority of them only accept two (2) forms of payment: Interac E-Transfers and Crypto (Bitcoin, in particular).

West Coast Supply also accepts credit and debit card payments. Yes, you read that right. This dispensary also honors payments from your top debit and credit card providers.

NOTE: Take note, though, that because of this, they add an extra 3% to your total for the maintenance of the payment systems, making all of these possible.

Observation #5: Delivery and Packaging

How well an online cannabis dispensary packages and delivers its clients’ orders say a lot about the service they’re offering. If the dispensary does not put in enough effort with its packaging, then it should tell you a little bit about how they do business.

West Coast Supply, a company that is mindful of the delivery and packaging they offer, is something that you need to experience!

Discreet Packaging

When you review their FAQs, you’ll see a section discussing their packaging. According to the team, they work hard to ensure that all deliveries and orders are fresh, and, therefore, they invest heavily in packaging that could retain the freshness of your products.

First, we double-vacuum seal your order, and then we use an envelope to seal it! It’s safe from outdoor elements and from being seen by other people!”

You wouldn’t have to worry about the packaging of your orders because they’ll be done in the best and most discreet way possible!

Delivery Schedule

Delivery is another strength West Coast Supply has over its competitors. Most competitors have a cutoff time of 10 AM for same-day shipping, but with West Coast Supply, their cutoff time is noon PST! That’s 3 PM Eastern Time!

What’s worth noting and knowing, though, is that Interac E-Transfers have a usual timeframe of 3 hours for posting. So, be up early and make sure you pay it in the morning if you’ll use E-Transfers!

Orders will be done the following day if the time exceeds the cutoff.

Like other dispensaries, though, West Coast Supply doesn’t ship out orders during the weekend since Canada Post only operates from Mondays until Fridays.

When ordering online and from them, I always make the transfer at around 9 AM Eastern Time or earlier. That way, they’ll immediately see the payment posted, allowing my orders to be shipped on the same day as my payment.

Observation #6: Customer Service

Customer service is the epitome of business ideals. Even if a retail store has a fair price on most of its items, a bad customer service department will let that advantage evaporate away.

West Coast Supply is ready with a team of customer support specialists and representatives on their desks. They offer nothing but excellent service and well-crafted responses to suit your needs and questions.

This particular factor has a lot of elements in play, so let’s discuss each of them separately!

FAQ Page

Their FAQ page, which is short for frequently asked questions page, is not structured like how other dispensaries structure theirs. West Coast Supply’s FAQ page is engineered to cover all possible questions you might have regarding your order and other relevant information related to it.

They even have a “product quality issues” part where you can find out how to report a product if it doesn’t suit your wants and needs!

Contact Customer Service Page

Among the main menu, you’ll see a Contact option there. It’s the avenue to use if you want to contact or communicate with West Coast Supply about anything. It could be questions about ordering online that aren’t in the FAQ, about a future possibility, requests, complaints, concerns, and many more!

The company aces this as they offer great customer service even on this page. They freely display their email address and a message area you can use to compose a message and send it directly to them!

Of course, I wouldn’t forget the fact that they have social media widgets displayed on every page they have! What this means is you can directly contact them via their social networking accounts and profiles, too!

Observation #7: Prices and Discounts

With their amazing price, excellent service, and fast delivery, you’ll definitely want to work with them for a long time, especially after you find out the great prices they have for their cannabis products!

As I mentioned to you, this West Coast Supply review won’t just be a regular one that you’ll most likely find online. Most are either positive or negative reviews that are all biased, but this one won’t be like it!

Coupon Code

Akin to other online cannabis dispensaries, West Coast Supply has different coupon codes that are all available. For instance, at the time of writing, the available code that the business is promoting is SPRING. Customers can get a 30% discount on their orders by using this code.

Furthermore, you can receive different coupon codes via their different channels, such as their emails, promotions, programs, and even their social media business pages, too!

Check what coupon codes and discounts they have here!

Free Gifts

Free gifts are also a thing with West Coast Supply. In fact, customers who will place their first order will get a 25% discount plus a free gift! However, there are other rewards and promotions in place set by West Coast Supply for their clients!

Be sure to check out their rewards and promotions pages to see what types and kinds of free gifts you’re eligible for!

Affiliate Program

It’s safe to say that not all online dispensaries have an affiliate program, attracting more potential clients under their wing. So West Coast Supply’s affiliation is easy, you simply need to apply to it, and you’ll be able to access your dashboard right after!

From there, you’ll get points and possible gifts for every customer you refer!


Lastly, their rewards. West Coast Supply has this treat to their respective members. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Gaining one (1) reward point for every dollar spent
  • Writing a review on BudHub Canada and gaining 500 points
  • Writing a review on Trust Pilot or Google and gaining 1000 points
  • 200 points for following their social media accounts
  • And many more!

Check out their rewards page for all this info!

NOTE: These are only applicable to their members! Be sure to register first because if you leave reviews without registering as a member, you wouldn’t be able to redeem your reward points.

Observation #8: West Coast Supply Reviews

And the last observation, but not least, would be their reviews. Reading reviews and feedback from other people about a product or service is an integral part of identifying quality and service.

Let’s take a look at the different avenues through that customers leave feedback and reviews about West Coast Supply.

Website Reviews

When you access their website, part of their main menu or categories would be reviews of people via Google. It is a library of comments with ratings of people that either discuss the product they bought or the service the dispensary offers.

The majority of the reviews on their direct website are positive. However, the company just can’t weed negative reviews out and pluck them one by one.

Trust Pilot Reviews

West Coast Supply also has various reviews on Trust Pilot. Trust Pilot, in case you’re not aware, is the website that people use to check the legitimacy of a particular brand or business.

They have an average rating of 4.7 stars on Trust Pilot, which is a pretty good deal considering the total number of reviews are above 1,700. But, like their direct website reviews, you wouldn’t find a single West Coast Supply review there that is the same —they’re all different and unique in their own way!

West Coast Supply Reddit Reviews

And, of course, how can we forget the avenue used by the majority of people who want to remain anonymous? Reddit has been the number one platform for West Coast Supply reviews, sometimes even other dispensaries.

tehSilvah, a Reddit user, said they have excellent service and great product prices.

I’ve used them many times, and they have reasonable rates on distillate like what weedmailed used to have. They have great stuff and not-so-great stuff, but I’ll definitely get from ’em again.”

People from Reddit praise West Coast Supply for their overall quality and honesty. There are a handful of bad or negative reviews about the brand, the product quality, delivery, and even some in prices, but eight times out of 10, you’ll see the brand leaving a positive impression on most customers.

This is my West Coast Supply review, and I never insinuated that you believe it. So for me and the team, though, we find the dispensary effective and efficient, and most importantly — high quality.

West Coast Supply Overall Rating

For this West Coast Supply review, I would say that my overall rating of it (10 being the highest and one being the lowest) would be a solid 9.5.

I say 9.5 because the majority of the factors I look for in an online cannabis shop are there. However, they have products that are high in quality, yes, but not entirely popular and sought-after.

Here are a few of the highlights and lowlights of West Coast Supply:

West Coast Supply Highlights

  • They have an extensive library of products, as well as fast delivery of new stocks
  • The rates and prices are decent —some could be cheaper and a bit more affordable, especially in comparison with other dispensaries
  • They have a solid customer support base that can absolutely answer whatever you ask
  • You’ll be able to get your orders fast — their fast shipping and swift delivery guarantee will astound you

West Coast Supply Lowlights

  • They have few coupon codes and discount codes compared to others
  • Pre-rolls are often low-quality, I tried one, and I wouldn’t say I liked it (I never ordered pre-rolls again)
  • Website improvements can actually help fast-paced people

What Makes a Good-Quality Online Dispensary?

Not all online dispensaries are established and made equally. As a matter of fact, good-quality dispensaries would have noticeable characteristics and factors differentiating them from mediocre ones.

Some of the best qualities that an excellent online dispensary has would be the following:

High-Quality Website and User Interface

Being an online site without a physical store, a great online dispensary would heavily invest in the attractiveness and design of a website. It’s like its storefront; therefore, it needs to catch the attention of potential customers and clients.

Out of the many different online dispensary selections I’ve encountered, I always liked the simple, minimalistic, yet bright design. I’ve seen dispensaries that were dark in color, and they weren’t so pleasing to the eyes.

The factors I look for are:

  • Bright colors and font that are easy on the eyes
  • Categories that are strategically placed
  • Fast loading time
  • Dynamic graphics on the website

Wide Variety of Products

When it comes to retail, product variety is everything. It’s what keeps customers coming back, curious, and interested to see other products. Ideally, a good-quality online dispensary would have a huge selection of cannabis products from which customers can choose from.

Besides the fact that a store with only a few selections of products looks like a scam or a ripoff, customers will also find your store attractive if you have tons of products and amazing deals in store for them.

Try and look at the products page of an online cannabis dispensary and see whether they have an extensive selection of goods. I’m talking about both recreational and medical marijuana and other adjacent products, too.

Amazing Customer Service

It takes months to find a customer… but seconds to lose one.”

This quote by Vince Lombardi has been one of the best quotes out there regarding customer service. In simpler terms, the better the customer service of a business, the more customers will come.

Excellent service is a MUST in all industries, and that’s a great quality to have for a dispensary. Service is not just about being polite and prompt —a great company with great customer service is also technically skilled and knowledgeable.

Look for an online dispensary that has respectful, polite, and knowledgeable customer service representatives, provides a very fast response, and does not keep their customers waiting. It’s one of the best qualities of a good dispensary.

Customer Safety and Security

We’re dealing with cannabis here, and safety and security are two (2) of the most important things to note. And while the majority of dispensaries protect their customers and clients by safekeeping and securing packages, it’s important to note that not all dispensaries observe this.

We’re talking about cannabis here —not just any other type of product. So try and look for a manufacturer that has amazing products and is invested in ensuring that all your orders are well-packaged.

Affordable and Reasonable Pricing

Of course, the price is what drives the value or product quality. The cheaper the product, the less valuable it is, especially in the eyes of experts and enthusiasts. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some online dispensaries that are known for the cheapness and affordability of their cannabis.

In my years of finding cannabis with an amazing price range, I am now confident that I’ll be able to determine the quality of a product by adding the price range.

But pricing isn’t everything, and most of you know that. Suppose you, however, learn the ropes of cannabis and put all your efforts into classifying the good from the bad. In that case, you will have the same feeling I’m saying about knowing a product’s quality by checking its pricing and positioning in the market.

High-Quality Products

My experience led me to have this “quality sense” when it comes to determining the caliber of cannabis. Not all cannabis flowers, buds, and products are made equally —that’s factual. There are awesome products, typically those that are new but not high-quality.

I would always go for quality over appearance and overall potency rather than the attractiveness of a product. Visual properties will only be worth looking at, but the quality is the ultimate teller of whether people will like it or not.

These are among the things that great online dispensaries would often have. They might not be present in a single dispensary but try to get most of these checked out.

Online Dispensaries Honorable Mentions

West Coast Supply has been the best online dispensary for most people. Thanks to their excellent service, attention to detail, and utmost consideration to their customers’ well-being, they’ve gained the trust of many, including enthusiasts and experts.

Apart from West Coast Supply, though, there are also other online dispensaries in Canada that are worth mentioning —you can try checking them out, too!

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis (WcCannabis) Winner — Best Online Cannabis Store

West Coast Cannabis is one of the top Canadian cannabis dispensaries that offer a large library of cannabis products. Like what West Coast Supply offers, they’re also known for their excellent service, promptness, their amazing collection of products, and overall price affordability.

With most of their staff members hailing from British Columbia, you’re guaranteed to get the best and highest quality of your favorite strains, check full review of WcCannabis here!

I’ve had a fantastic experience with them every single time I buy weed online. They have great deals, free gift opportunities, and fast delivery, don’t miss WCcannabis Coupon Codes!

Be sure to check their low prices and pre-rolls!

Haute Health

Haute Health Runner-Up

Haute Health has been the medical marijuana hub of Canadians for years. They believe that every Canadian has the right to access affordable marijuana. As per Haute Health, most licensed secondary suppliers offer even budget strains at high prices, so they’ll solve that by offering great and affordable prices to people!

Upon opening the website, you will immediately see their extensive collection of products and awesome match deals, not to mention the great service they’re always known for!

Hit them up to get the best medicinal marijuana you can get for the best and most affordable rates and prices!

The Grow House

And last but most definitely not least in our honorable mentions is The Grow House Online. Among the vast market of online cannabis dispensaries, they’re one that is a behemoth when it comes to product variety.

From the typical Green Crack, Pink Gorilla —even Sweet Blueberry, you can get it from them!

Their store is like a magical place where almost EVERYTHING you’re looking for is present. The Grow House Online, like its competitors, also has match packs and match deals to help you get through your shopping journey!


Still not convinced or still have questions you want to clarify further? Don’t worry; here are some of the most frequently asked as regards a West Coast Supply review!

Does West Coast Supply Ship to the US?

Unfortunately, no; West Coast Supply, as of writing, only ships to Canadian addresses. The dispensary uses Canada Post to deliver client orders.

Are There West Coast Supply Coupon Codes?

Like any other cannabis dispensary, West Coast Supply has coupon and discount codes that they give to their clients to give subtle assistance with their bills. Other than coupon codes, West Coast Supply also has a rewards point system that you can use for your future orders.

Does West Coast Supply Have a Physical Store?

None, as of the moment. West Coast Supply only operates online and caters to the needs of Canadians through the Internet. Hopefully, they’ll have a physical store soon, though!

Does West Coast Supply Accept Credit Cards as Payment?

Yes, this has been one of the main advantages of West Coast Supply to other dispensaries. Their payment methods are flexible and vast and aren’t limited to Interac E-Transfers. Clients can pay for their orders via Bitcoin, Credit, and Debit cards, as well as E-Transfers.

NOTE: In using credit cards, you’ll see a 3% surcharge on your statement. This surcharge is what the dispensary uses to maintain and pay the fees of its credit card processor.

The Bottom Line

Before you buy weed online, be sure to check this West Coast Supply review out so you know whether the online dispensary is someone you can bank on and trust! Beware of positive and/or negative reviews that seem biased because most of the time —they’re fake!

Experience world-class from prices, product selection, and quality, to shipping and delivery, and get the chance to own top-shelf cannabis without burning a hole in your pocket!

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