8 Weed Concentrates in Canada & Where to Buy THEM!

In Canada, Cannabis Concentrates, often known as Cannabis Extracts or dabs, are on the rise.

Over the last few years, the market for this sort of cannabis has steadily grown.
And they currently hold a significant part in the sale of recreational cannabis.

So… Are you a newbie trying hands-on cannabis concentrates for the first time?

Or A weed concentrate lover trying to find something new?


Don’t know exactly what you need from the plethora of options?

Then the answer is here… & near!

Dispensary in Canada has carved a Cannabis Concentrates guide just for you!
Everything you need to know about Weed Concentrates in Canada is covered in this article.

We have also discussed a few of the different types of concentrates like Shatter, live resin, budder/wax, and THCa Diamonds…

Let’s look at all the options for determining which concentrate will work best for you.

Weed Concentrates: An Introduction

But first, let’s find out what the whole fuss is about.

What exactly the cannabis concentrates are?

Concentrates are cannabis extracts of active cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, as well as terpenes.

Essentially, they extract all of the excellent things and remove all of the cannabis plant parts!

They are more effective because they are extracted, distilled, and condensed into pure forms, hence the word “concentrate.”

The components that are being removed are the ones that give you the effects, scents, and flavors of cannabis.

Trichomes, the microscopic crystal-like structures found on flower nuggets, are one example of what is taken in this procedure!

Concentrates are sometimes referred to as extracts, which are both correct and incorrect.
Extracts are a type of concentrated solvent that is clearly a type of concentrate.

While the phrase “concentration” can apply to many different varieties of cannabis, including shatter, hash, oil, resin, budder, and more!

Weed Concentrates provide a higher amount of these beneficial compounds than raw flower, ounce for ounce!

Because of their potent anti-inflammatory qualities, cannabis extracts have been utilized as a medicine in several cultures for many years.

Terpenes and cannabinoids are like the spices of life!

It’s what makes marijuana so pleasurable to use, whether for recreational or medical use.

They’re always present in microscopic structures on plants called trichomes, which give marijuana its unique flavor, scent, and effects that no other plant can match!

Various Types of Cannabis Concentrates


Shatter is an expression used to describe a powerful type of Butane Hash Oil.

BHO utilizes butane to isolate the cannabinoids from trichomes in weed plant matter, which concentrates the cannabinoids.

Trichomes are minuscule glass-like gems on the marijuana plant.
They contain the most noteworthy THC, terpene, and other cannabinoid fixations.

Practically all concentrates are products of extracted and concentrated trichomes.

The cycle of causing these concentrates all to follow a similar guideline.
The way this method is executed decides the resulting product i.e. wax, budder, or the best shatter!

In the cannabis concentrate-making process, the dissolvable basically pulls terpenoids, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and other dynamic weed compounds from the crude plant material; prior to being evaporated from the end product.

Shatter gets its name from what might occur if you somehow happened to drop it.

Budder is waxy and hash oil has significant stickiness.
But shatter is hard and weak, actually like a Halloween candy we all loved!

So yeah it would actually “Shatter” into many little pieces…
if you somehow managed to drop it or tap it excessively hard with your dabber.


Hash is made up of dried cannabis resin compacted into little bricks.
It comes in various structures and tones, contingent upon the extraction technique utilized.

Dry sift hash is made by pressing marijuana through screens or sieves to produce kief, a powdered smokable material.

You can achieve Bubble hash when you blend cannabis material with water then, sift through bubble sacks.

Here, The water separates the trichomes from the plant.
So they assemble on bubble channels which are then taken out and dried.

Bubble hash usually has a light earthy-colored tone.
Yet it also can be in dim green shade; contingent upon filtration method.

Hash can be dark, caramel, green, or yellowish.

The tone relies upon what plant matter was utilized for creation.
And it also depends on how much chlorophyll was available during the process.


The solidified resin glands that come from dried marijuana blossoms are kief.

We can gather Keif by passing dry cannabis on a screen or through a chilled water extraction method.
Ground buds are placed in mesh bags, and cold water is poured through them.

Kief has a distinct flavor.
In fact, All the cannabinoids come from the trichomes.
So, it has a high THC content as compared to cannabis flowers.

The intensity varies depending on how kief is extracted from marijuana.
But it will always be stronger than regular weed.

Kief of high quality should be light brown in color, similar to the color of trichomes.
The more plant material a kief contains, the poorer the quality.

Live Resin

Live Resin is cannabis that has been extracted in such a way that all of the plant’s natural terpenes stay preserved.

In comparison to most cannabis extracts on the market today, the end product is a cannabis extract with an unusually high terpene content.

These terpenes aren’t just present in tiny levels; they’re the majority.

People who want to benefit from the medical properties of the cannabis plant usually choose Live Resin concentrate.

THCa Diamonds

THCa Diamonds, THCa Diamonds, THCa Diamonds, T The name “Diamond” is derived from the crystalline forms that form in the sauce.

Once the sauce is gone, the color is crystal clear, and the consistency is similar to diamonds, hard and with sharp edges.

You can see the sauce and diamonds slowly separating when diamonds are mined.

When purchasing THCa Diamonds, inspect the product to see if there is any sauce present;
if so, you can be confident that it will be high in terpenes.

Terp Sauce

Terp Sauce is the name for a runny, terpene-rich concentration (HTSFE).
The sauce’s smooth, velvety texture appeals to any cannabis fan.

Sauce carts, or vape cartridges loaded with terpene-rich sauce, are familiar to concentrate enthusiasts.

THC Distillate

THC Distillate is a Cannabis concentrate used for a range of applications, including vaping and cooking.

When kept cold, the viscosity is thick.
But when warmed, it becomes liquid, making it easier to use in cooking and baking.

THC Distillate ranges in hue from clear to dark amber.
THC levels in THC distillate range from 90 percent to 99 percent on average.

In fact, THC distillate contains almost no terpenes.

So, if you want a flavorful experience with the entourage effect of a specific strain…
Then this may not be the concentrate for you.

Wax, Budder, Badder

Wax, Budder, and Badder are all terms used to describe this texture.

Some people will distinguish between the terms, but they are essentially the same.

Budder has a similar consistency to wax.
But the rigidity of different batches will vary significantly.

The wax concentrate has a high potency.
But it degrades faster and isn’t as solid as, say, shatter, which comes in a hard shape.

It has a butter-like creamy texture that makes it flexible and simple to work with.
Its color ranges from bright yellow to orange.

Buy Cannabis Concentrates Online in Canada at The Best Prices

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Here is the detailed list of Online Dispensaries for particular Canadian Concentrates.

Cannabis ConcentratesPrice RangeWhere to buy
Shatter10 $ to 40 $ (Per Gram)Haute Health
HashStarts from 6 $ (Per Gram)Cannawholesalers
KiefStarts from 7 $ (Per Gram)Speed Greens
Live Resin20 $ to 40 $ (Per Gram)Cannawholesalers
THCa DiamondsStarts from 30 $ (Per Gram) Bulk Buddy
Terp SauceStarts from 30 $Green Society
THC Distillate Starts from 150 $ Weed Deals
Wax, Budder, Badder Starts from 21 $ Buymyweedonline

People Also Asked About Weed Concentrates

What are the different forms of consumption of concentrate?

There are many different types of cannabis concentrate consumption in Canada:

Dabbing – The Most Popular
Vape Pens – Discreet Way
As Edibles – For Prolonged Effect
Smoking by Pipe or joint- Easy way

Which one is the most potent Cannabis Concentrate?

BHO is probably one of the strongest known concentrates.

In fact, BHO is manufactured by extracting butane before passing it through a filtration procedure to remove residual impurities.

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