WCcannabis Coupon Codes List 2023: The Best Discounts This Year!

Wccannabis coupon codes have been around ever since the business began. Nevertheless, I have been a part of the people who are constantly on the lookout for the best, cheapest, but most valuable deals possible.

So, in this guide, you won’t just see a list of these codes without context; neither will you just be flooded with it. Instead, I will also:

  • Give You a Background of West Coast Cannabis, So You Get a Better Grasp of Them
  • Discuss the Different Discounts West Coast Cannabis Has
  • Help You Save Money By Teaching You How to Apply These Promo Codes
  • Get You the Lowest Price But the Highest Quality of Cannabis Products Possible!

Who is West Coast Cannabis?

West Coast Cannabis (WcCannabis) Winner — Best Online Cannabis Store

West Coast Cannabis is one of Canada’s most prominent and highly-valued cannabis dispensaries. They are a business whose main goal is to give Canadians quality cannabis products without really spending over north of $500 (for individual use).

They are a mail-order marijuana (MoM) dispensary that provides excellent-quality service and cannabis products for everyone; new customers will find them absolutely high-quality, too! They might even recommend Wccannabis to other tokers and marijuana enthusiasts, too!

So, if you’re after marijuana for medical conditions or for recreational use, West Coast Cannabis can accommodate your need!

West Coast Cannabis is passionate when it comes to marijuana. I, personally loved the fact that they’re able to secure and prepare all eligible items that a dispensary would typically have.

Shop for everything you can get! Whether you plan on getting single-purchase items, mix-and-match items, or if you’re looking for a specific marijuana flower or strain, West Coast Cannabis has your back!

What Does West Coast Cannabis Offer?

When it comes to judging and ranking dispensaries, the first thing I check honestly would be the website and how the store is set up. This is because I want to see and find out whether they have all the items or products I’m looking for.

I became this aware because of a previous experience I had. As consumers, it is our responsibility to check and take into account the available products and options before we push through with a particular deal.

Upon opening the website of West Coast Cannabis, you’ll immediately see a wide array of products being offered, from cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrates, vapes and vape pens, pet health products, CBD, and many more!

At the last part of the menu, you will also see a category labeled as “SALE.” It’s the menu where you wouldn’t actually need West Coast Cannabis coupons because all products here are already discounted.

Moreover, the dispensary strictly implies that several discount codes and promo codes might not be compatible with some items that are on sale. So, it’s best to check whether the promo code or discount code you have is compatible with your selected product.

Wccannabis Coupon Code 2023 Availability: Know What Works This Year!

West Coast Cannabis, being the dispensary they are, actually has a ton of offers to cannabis enthusiasts, users, and even those who look to distribute.

Based on my experience, though, the coupon code collection that they have changed once every so often. What this simply means is that what’s available now might not be available or working the following week, and vice versa.

NOTE: This will not just be comprised of coupon codes and promo code lists. Instead, I will be helping you out by giving you different deals, promotions, free gift offers, first-order eligibilities, and much more!

West Coast Cannabis Coupon Codes

Generally speaking, the store is filled with a ton of discount codes and promo codes. The only problem with this is the fact that these different discounts expire to the extent that they’re no longer usable.

Taking from my experience, I was able to save money while getting the best and highest quality of cannabis I can get. Not only that, but I was also able to secure a free gift after I signed up!

We’ll talk more about what free gift they offer later! For now, let’s get on with the coupon code availability that the dispensary has.

5% Off

This is one of the few West Coast Cannabis coupon codes that’s proven and tested to work. I use this every single time I feel the need to reduce my bill, and it works, every time!

All you have to do is put and type in the code on the Coupon Code field on the checkout page.


20% Off

Next up would be the bigger chunk of discount, which gives you 20% off of items that are price regularly. It is important for you to know and understand that the majority of items and products that West Coast Cannabis offers are discounted, and therefore, you might find this code unusable.

Fret not, because it is definitely legit and you can use it ONLY if it is your first order.


Free Shipping

I was as disappointed as you when I found out that they only operate nationwide within Canada. Although I only frequent the neighboring state, it would be a lot more fun and more effective if they covered the entire continent, right?

Good news to locals who are looking for a dispensary that offers savings, though, because West Coast Cannabis has a promo of free shipping if you order or buy products that are worth $150 and above.

And don’t forget that their free shipping is not a promo code. Instead, it’s an automatic deal when your cart reaches the required amount!

It’s neither a West Coast Cannabis coupon code nor a SALE. Your entire order will be marked free shipping or free delivery if it reaches $150+.

Free Gift

I don’t want to spoil it, but you can actually get up to 5 Free Pre-Rolls after you sign up for their newsletter. How do you sign up? It’s simple!

You just have to scroll down at the bottom of the homepage and you’ll see Sign Up For Our Newsletter. Enter your email address and click Subscribe!

The first time I did it, I didn’t know what to expect. I was confused and thought that it was one of their marketing shenanigans, but when I went on checked my email, it was there!

They did really send the promo code in getting after I signed up for their newsletter and it was for five pre-rolls! This free gift was more than enough to get me going!

In my experience, I rarely found dispensaries that offered a combination of promo codes and a free gift. I knew that some offered free shipping, free delivery, and discounted items (via discount codes or just SALE items), but West Coast Cannabis surprised me with their pre-roll gift!

Other Store Discount Codes

West Coast Cannabis sits on the popular side of cannabis dispensaries in the country. Garnering too few competitors in its path.

Going back, West Coast Cannabis actually has proven and tested its price points by offering discount codes that consumers and customers can use if they’re ordering or purchasing via a different platform.

As of writing, there are no available discount codes (discounts) and promotions that could give you discounts. Even when you try and test it out, those codes wouldn’t work. Unless they’ve been released and propagated by West Coast Cannabis themselves, the promo code you have won’t work.

I had a negative experience with other codes about a few months back. It was nearing Black Friday, and I saw a website that said they had West Coast Cannabis coupon codes. I went in and saw that they had eBay and Em Jay coupons.

Unverified Coupon Code List

Of course, there are also those coupon code lists that are not verified. That simply means that they are codes or promos that are 50/50. You’ll find a ton of them scattered all over the web, and here’s to name a few of them (you might be surprised that the code you’ve been clinging onto is actually unverified!)

  • GOBBLEGOBBLE – 10% Off Discounted Items
  • CANADADAY – 10% Off Store-Wide
  • 420 – 10% Off Store-Wide Products and Items
  • BCBUD – 10% Off Site-Wide
  • SUMMER10 – 10% Off Store-Wide

NOTE: It’s important to check on these codes every once in a while to see whether or not they’re working. Sometimes, a specific Wccannabis coupon code could work simply because they activated it.

Previous (Expired) Codes

And last but most definitely not least to take note of would be West Coast Cannabis coupon codes that have already expired or have already been deemed unusable.

So, here’s the coupon code list of those that are already expired:

  • HALLOWEEN10 – 10% Off Store-Wide During Halloween Season
  • THANKYOU10 – 10% Off Store-Wide at West Coast Cannabis
  • 5PREROLL – 5 Free Preroll Storewide (The code and prerequisites have changed)
  • VAPE10 – 10% Off Vapes and Vape Pens Store-Wide
  • BCDAY10 – 10% Off as Extra or Bonus
  • THANKSGIVING10 – 10% Off Store-Wide During Thanksgiving

Where to Go For West Coast Cannabis Coupon Code Lists?

If you’re eager to get a steady stream of information about the availability of Wccannabis coupon codes, here are the links you need to take note of:

These three (3) websites have been the bases of many loyal customers of West Coast Cannabis when it comes to coupon code release and availability. I’ve personally used them a couple of times, too, especially during 4/20 or International Cannabis Culture Day.

So, save this article and take a peak every now and then to know more about West Coast Cannabis coupon code availability regularly!

There’s really nothing much information about coupon code availability for West Coast Cannabis, as they like to keep their clients inside their website. This is the main reason why the majority of discounts, promos, and other consumer-friendly programs are kept within West Coast Cannabis.

Check their website out and find promos for yourself!


I know that it’s hard to take it all in, especially if you just found out about West Coast Cannabis recently. I’m pretty sure that you already went and did a “West Coast Cannabis Reddit” search to see what other people think of it.

I got you! I was actually able to foresee this, and, therefore, I tried collecting some of the most frequently asked questions about West Coast Cannabis Coupon Codes!

Would All West Coast Cannabis Coupon Codes Work?

No, not all West Coast Cannabis coupons work. Some of them are already expired, some of them are only for a particular day (limited time), and the majority of what you’ll see online have either expired or are already unavailable.

Would Multiple Coupon Codes in a Single Transaction Work?

I have not tried putting in multiple coupon codes in a single transaction. I, however, was able to experience different promos (free shipping and free gift), as well as first-order promotion with free shipping.

Can You Get a Free Gift From West Coast Cannabis?

Yes, part of the many reasons why West Coast Cannabis is loved and chosen by many is because of their free gifts. They regularly change up their free gift program (but they are typically free preroll), so, do check them out!

Does West Coast Cannabis Offer Free Shipping or Free Delivery?

Yes, you can get free shipping from West Coast Cannabis if your order is above $150. I did this before multiple times and always got the same result.

Where Can You Buy Concentrates Online BC?

There are a ton of different dispensaries you can bank and count on when it comes to cannabis concentrates. However, the best for me would be the following (in any order):

West Coast Cannabis
Haute Health
Crystal Cloud 9

Final Verdict

As you can see, Wccannabis coupon codes aren’t really that much. In fact, several deals and packages have been put in place to give consumers access to cannabis products without them spending a lot of money on their orders.

Enjoy store deals, promos, and discount codes while they last! Buy from West Coast Cannabis and never look for other merchants the next time you need it.

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