Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2023

Are you a Sativa enthusiast?

Then there’s no doubt that you are searching for the best Sativa strain accessible.

Looking for the best Sativa for brain high, or an empowering impact?

To save your hours of sweat, and confusion, Dispensary In Canada presents the Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2022!

With this list, you will find various most potent sativa strains you can consume or grow!
And possibly, track down YOUR best sativa strain ever!

While searching for Sativa- dominant strain, you can expect to feel hyperactive and innovative!
Not loose and torpid like Indica Strains or Hybrid Strains can be.

Check our list and get definite information like THC content, flavor, and impacts.

We have made this rundown to assist you with tracking down the ideal Sativa weed strain for your own pleasure and remedial requirements.

Many strains recorded here are essential as most potent sativa strains!
So, assuming you need a powerful high we hope you will get what you desire!

Also, do not forget to go through Our Sativa Growing & harvesting guide in case you want to grow your own best sativa strain!

Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2023:

Sativa StrainTHCEffectsCharacteristicsFragrance/ Flavor
Super Lemon Haze25%Aroused, 
Creative & Energizing
80% SativaZesty & citrusy smell Candy, Citrus, 
Sweet & Tangy
Strawberry Cough22-26%Cerebral, Energy, 
Euphoric, Happiness
80% Sativa StrainStrawberry & Sweet
Durban Poison24%Creativity, Energy, 
Euphoria, Focus & Happiness
pure sativa strainWoodsy Aroma Citrus, Herbal, 
Pine & Sweet
Amnesia Haze21%light-headed euphoria,
cerebral high, and productivity
80% Sativa Strain Sweet and Sour aroma
citrus and earthy flavors
Super Silver Haze 18%Fast Acting high,
Calm euphoria, happiness
90% SativaHerbal Smell
hashy, spicy, citrus, and fruity flavors.
Sour Diesel26%Creative, Energy & Euphoric60% SativaCandy, Citrus, Dank, 
Diesel, Skunky, Sweet
Green Crack15-25%Cerebral, Creative, 
Energizing & Focus
60% SativaCitrus, Fruity, 
Pine & Sweet
Jack Herer23%Body High, Creative & Euphoric 60% Sativa Herbal, Lemon smell
Spicy, Sweet, Woody
Maui Wowie20-28%Creative, Euphoric,
Happy & Uplifting
80% SativaCitrus, Fruity smell
Pineapple, Sweet
Blue Dream21%Happy and Euphoric 80% Sativa Sweet berry, earthy,
& herbal

Top 10 Most Potent Sativa Strains 2023

Super Lemon Haze:

Super Lemon Haze

With heredity that was brought into the world from Haze, Skunk #3, and Northern Lights you start to get a feeling of the intricacies of this strain.

Then after joining Lemon Skunk and you get to Super Lemon Haze, an exceptionally well-known sativa genetics.

And the best part?

This is a strong plant, with THC levels that commonly range during the 20% territory.
Also, in contrast to numerous different highs, this one hits the body first and afterward spreads to the brain.

Besides, It’s a fiery and social high, particularly for the accomplished smoker.

It very well may be a bit heavy for the amateur smoker.
However, with a propensity to instigate uneasiness, particularly in higher dosages.

Hmmm… hypnotizing!

But for experienced smokers, this strain soothes nervousness & helps lift them out of sorrow.

Furthermore, it works effectively for invigorating cravings.
It likewise offers huge help for those managing PTSD.

Sign of relief!

This is certifiably not a significant pain killer yet can assist with facilitating minor pains.
It can likewise assist with further developing concentration for ADD/ADHD patients.

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Strawberry Cough


Strawberry Cough is a beloved sativa dominant strain for all your medical and recreational needs.
Indeed, This Sativa dominant strain stays true to its name!

Strawberry Cough has a sweet strawberry smell and an inconspicuous delayed flavor that is joined by thick smoke.

Because of its rich skunky and powerful qualities, even hefty stoners might cough by taking a whiff or two.
And this clarifies its name!

Hmmm… hypnotizing!

Do you cherish that succulent taste of strawberries?

Combusting this strain can please you with herbal, fruity, and skunky flavors.
The Sativa effect in this variety gives it unwinding and quieting impacts.

Calming & Delicious!

Both of these are great for treating patients experiencing tension and stress.
Curiously, specialists say it’s the erotic strain for male excitement and female excitement!

The cannabinoids of this sativa dominant hybrid give a reasonable body high.

Each puff can make you glide in the sky!

Also, it’s a decent strain to combat many physical and mental diseases without psychoactive impacts.
And The smooth and cerebral impacts will assist you with combatting distress and pressure.

So, If you feel dormant and tired, it’s an ideal strain to get excited and eliminate weakness.

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Durban Poison

Originated from the Southern coasts of Africa, Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain you can expect for all your delight!

Among all potent sativa strains, Durban Poison positively bests the rundown of 100% Pure Sativa strains.

Indeed, Puffing in the sweet licorice of Durban Poison is really an extraordinary experience.

Durban Poison may not be the most grounded Sativa strain on earth yet is awesome enough to get your day rolling!

With a normal THC level of 22.4, you can hope to have a lift in energy and inventiveness!


Besides, Durban Poison is exceptionally fragrant, sweet, and piney.

Whether you decide to smoke or devour it, its mood-elevating effects will liberate you from any anxiety, stress, and sorrow.

Deliciously soothing!

In fact, It’s anything but a major astonishment that this African strain is a characteristic social booster!

You will feel spurred to participate in discussions or fun visits with your mates.

Without a doubt, a total daytime strain!

Aside from that, as a pure sativa strain, we can’t overlook its clinical worth!
Yes, Durban Poison helps in decreasing weakness & chronic pain.

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Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a beloved Sativa strain made from various magnificent cannabis strains.

And the best part?

Amnesia Haze finds its linage with various parent strains like Haze Sativa, Amnesia Haze Indica, Hawaiian Sativa, Thai Sativa & South Asian Indica & much more.

You can envision the subsequent strain of such amazing and grant-winning parent strains.
other sativa dominant strains, this hybrid strain itself won the High Times Cannabis Cup for its Sativa hereditary qualities.

Like Sour Diesel and Green Crack fragrances, the adjusted smell of this Haze strain will captivate your nose completely.
Also, you will appreciate citrus and hearty flavors on your sense of taste after breathing in.

Ummm…. sounds delicious!

If you like bleary-eyed happiness, cerebral high, and efficiency, strongest sativa strain won’t baffle you.
With up to 21% THC, you will get invigorated and propelled to take part in an inventive action.

It is otherwise called an incredible pressure reliever.
Additionally, you can get munchies subsequent to smoking this strain.

That’s why such countless patience loves it for battling the deficiency of hunger.

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Super Silver Haze


Super Silver Haze finds its Sativa Dominant qualities from Haze Sativa, & A pinch of Northern Lights Indica, and Skunk No. 1.

This is one of the evergreen popular sativa strains that has been adored by tons of people for twenty years.
Best for clinical and recreational qualities, this potent sativa stain is an unadulterated delight to consume!

Cool, eh?

Besides alluring you with fragrance, This strain is combined with myrcene terpene that delivers a herbal smell.

Also, a pinch of hashy and hot flavors comes from caryophyllene terpene.
Furthermore, Super Silver Haze can spoil you with its citrus and fruity flavors by properties of limonene terpene.

Mmmm… Mouthwatering!

This popular strain conveys an effective high.
With up to 18% THC, it will deliver quiet rapture and bliss.

Besides, it’s an incredible strain to launch your day with energy and innovativeness.

Beware! You may get sudden laughs!

Yet… No worries!
You will stay perceptive and focused for the whole day!

Also, Super Silver Haze is an amazing state of mind promoter that can rapidly relax your pressure, gloom, or strain.

Moreover, it can adequately battle exhaustion and chronic pain.

Find Super Silver Haze at the Most Affordable Prices here:

Sour Diesel

Super Lemon Haze Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2021

With a 70:30 mix, there is no question that Sour Diesel is sativa dominant in nature.

And keeping in mind that the THC content once in a while surpasses 20%, it is as yet an amazing and profoundly famous stain.

Besides, numerous Sour Diesel is base to expand upon various sativa strains in 2023.

And the best part?

Besides, SourD is additionally the main strain for therapeutic use.
And particularly for managing pressure and melancholy.

What’s more…

It’s extraordinary for helping with discomfort too and functions admirably in all structures.
So, you can smoke or ingest this popular sativa strain at your convenience.

And the Deliciously pleasant part?

Diesel dominates in terms of flavor, as one might expect given the name.

However, elements of citrus, such as orange and lemon, help to balance things out.
It has a strong and lingering odor.

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Green Crack

Green Crack Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2021

Green Crack, With a blend of 65:35, indulges you with relaxed mornings or unwinding social evenings as being a Sativa dominant strain.

With THC levels that normal 24%, this is a genuinely intense high too so only a tad goes far.

And This is sativa strain a lemony smoke, both as far as smell and taste.
Besides, It conveys a solid and regularly buzzy high that is frequently portrayed as like a power bang of coffee!

Ummm… Smells ravishing!

Besides, It gives an extraordinary jolt of energy and focus, making it an incredible inspirational promoter.

This weed smells like new backwoods and tases unequivocally citrus-like.
It is a thick bud with changing shades of light green, a ribbon of bronze calyxes.

Delicious ehhhh?

Individuals with ADD/ADHD, persistent weakness, sadness, joint inflammation, and other ongoing torment issues can seek solace with this strain!

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2021

Jack Herer is a Sativa strain from it shares a considerable lot of similar characteristics as other Sativa predominant strains,

In fact, It incorporates a genuinely unassuming THC level of about 17%.

Cannabis lovers call it “morning medication” since it inspires and empowers you!
Also, it brings phenomenal concentration and inventiveness in with the general mish-mash.

It additionally detailed being extraordinary for packing down tension.
So this is an extraordinary method to discover your equilibrium before you get into these circumstances.

Sensing peace here!

In fact, This strain was created out of Northern Europe, explicitly out of the Netherlands.

As medicinal cannabis, it was exceptionally intended to manage any type of distrustfulness, PTSD, gloom, persistent agony, and exhaustion.

Ummm… we can smell all the florals here!

It’s additionally been depicted as pure and natural.
It leaves awaiting fragrance yet that isn’t undesirable since the smell is basically zesty and regular.

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Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2021

Maui Wowie, This Sativa dominant strain holds a long and glorious history of the late ’60s.

At that era, other weeds had THC levels that were under 8%.
And Maui Wowie siphoned that up to an awe-inspiring 15% or more.

This is basically a Sativa mix yet, numerous Indica attributes can radiate through.
Furthermore, as the name proposes, this strain is basically developed on the Hawaiian Islands.

And the best part?

It is a vigorous high that works incredibly in socializing.
Besides, It boosts your imagination while welcoming on a solid instance of the munchies.

Well, The taste and the flavors are hearty and a bit stale smelling.
Nothing truly overwhelms with this strain other than a feeling of being in nature.
In fact, The aromas aren’t long-lasting but the high feeling keeps going.

Sounds soothing!

For those with craving issues, this strain offers a ton of help.
It’s likewise a great decision for those managing sadness and anxiety.

Besides, The creative side of this high offers some alleviation for ADHD patients.

Find Maui Wowie at the Most Affordable Prices here:

Blue Dream

Blue Dream Top 10 Strongest Sativa Strains 2021

Blue Dream is quite possibly the most Sativa dominant strain out there.
Blue Dream is known to create reliably more significant returns with power.

Similarly, as its fascinating name, this is one of the cannabis strains that invigorates an agreeable high, making it extraordinary for standard stoners.

Feeling sky high!

Blueberry Indica and Haze Sativa are The ancestors of these cannabis sativa strains.

With such rich ancestry, your mouth will be loaded up with an overcast and strong smoke of sweet berry, gritty, and herbal tones.

Ummm… ravenous!

This mainstream strain encourages a great daytime high.
It can make you cheerful and euphoric for the duration of the day.

With almost 21% THC melded it also shows Indica parent hereditary qualities.
This new sativa strain can likewise actuate narcotic impacts whenever smoked in over top amount.

Cool, eh?

Because of its infiltrating impacts, this popular strain holds incredible clinical worth.
It can assist you in dealing with chronic pain, sickness, stress, and grief.

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Indica vs. Sativa Strains: A Complete Cannabis Growing Guide

A Complete Cannabis Growing Guide

If you wish to grow your own best indica strains & best sativa strains, then this guide is for you!

In this guide, you’ll find answers to various questions like:

How to grow indica vs how to grow sativa strain?

Which strains are more preferable for growing indoors and outdoors?

As a cannabis activist, when you are thinking about growing your own marijuana plants, you might think that all strains grow similarly!

Well, let us break this to you!

No, they’re not!

In fact, Indica and sativa plants differ in tons of matters that you should know about.

Indica Plants

Indica cannabis plants are local to India and high-elevation regions.

So, they are more qualified for colder temperatures.

And They have a faster flowing time.
Which means your plants will develop all the more rapidly.

Besides, They are short in height and produce an unwinding, calming high.
And This can be utilized to ease pain, tension, and muscle spasms.

Indica is best for individuals who have restricted developing space inside.

Sativa Plants

Classic sativa strain, again, preferably grows in regions close to the equator.
In these regions, winters are gentle and the summers are long.

In fact, They grow gradually, yet produce more broad growth.
You’ll see that these strains are more qualified for outdoors, as their size can be hard to manage inside.

For an accomplished cultivator who needs to investigate many strains, sativa is ideal.

Best sativa strains have quicker development & can deal with heaps of warmth.
And It has some outstanding characteristics which are perfect for the consumer.

People Also Asked About Strongest Sativa Strains 2023

sativa strains in 2023
sativa strains in 2023

Which is the Strongest Sativa strain?

Indeed… The Great Hulk!

Yes, Bruce Banner is the most potent Sativa strain on earth!

With THC continually going between 25-30% it is the strongest sativa you can get!

In fact, You will discover many stores selling sativa dominant strains with around 35% THC content.
But we suggest purchasing from just solid dispensaries that offer lab-tried weed items.

What is the difference between Indica & Sativa?

Best sativa strains produce mind-high that initiate actual energy in you.
Unexpectedly, most Indica Strains give total unwinding body-high.

En route…

The impacts of cross-breed strains dissipate among these two types of impacts.

Which strains are Pure Sativa?

Hereabouts is the list of some Pure Sativa Strains:

  • Durban Poison
  • Thai Stick
  • Easy Sativa
  • African Buzz
  • Original Haze

Is it true that all Haze strains are Sativa?

Haze hereditary qualities are common in best sativa strains.
Whenever there is ‘Haze’ there is Sativa (Mostly!)

Just one Exception…
Haze Hybrids do show qualities of Sativa as well as Indica!

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