Purple Space Cookies Strain Review In 2023

Since last year, people have gone crazy about the Purple Space Cookies strain, saying that it has been one of the best Girl Scout Cookies strains they’ve ever tried. So, I did due diligence and tried it out for myself —you won’t believe what I just experienced!

I know you’re all too excited to learn about Purple Space Cookies, so I won’t bore you with information that wouldn’t be of help!

The Genetics and Terpene Profile of Purple Space Cookies

Hailing from western Canada, the Purple Space Cookies strain is this Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is the cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison.

It has these deep purple undertones with green nugs, which look like the perfect strain at first glance. At least, that’s what I thought.

The first time I saw and unboxed the strain, I knew it was something different. And although it is one of the many different Space Cookies, it had this bag appeal like no other.

Akin to other cookie strains, the Purple Space Cookies’ terpene profile is comprehensive. The dominant ones are Pinene and Caryophyllene, which help relieve pain and ease anxiety and inflammation, respectively.

Overall, it’s a well-balanced strain that is perfect for both daytime relaxation and nighttime calmness.

NOTE: It’s comprised of 20% Sativa and about 80% Indica, making it one of those strains that imbue its relentless uplifting effects.

Purple Space Cookies Strain: Does it Help Treat Chronic Pain?

One of the most-reported positives that the Purple Space Cookies strain has is its ability to help people who are experiencing pain. Is it true?

While most people oppose the medicinal benefits marijuana use brings, the National Institutes of Health firmly believe that it aids and assists patients with several conditions.

Marijuana, when used for medicinal purposes, serves as a remedy and not a recreational drug. Its application is to alleviate the symptoms of various conditions such as AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, among other debilitating ailments. In certain cases, individuals are advised by physicians or given consent to use marijuana as an alternative after conventional treatments have been unsuccessful.”

Purple Space Cookies Effects and Medical Benefits

The cannabis-consumer population is divided into two (2) parts: medical and recreational users. Of course, the latter would most definitely enjoy its bag appeal as it will welcome you with its dark, twisty hairs and delicious berry scent —we’ll get to that later.

For now, let’s go ahead and discuss, what are the medical benefits of this strain?

  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Good For Insomnia
  • Relieve Mood Swings
  • Alleviate Muscle Spasms
  • Calming Effects (For Anxiety and Depression)
  • Chronic Stress
  • And Other Adjacent or Similar Mental Disorders

NOTE: These are simply claims from people who have used this particular strain. Not only did it give them lifted happiness, but a perfect relaxing body high, too.

What About Its Effects?

Knowing what medicinal benefits it has is one thing, but identifying the effects is another. According to most people, this Indica-dominant hybrid strain is so relaxing that it forces your body to transfigure to having dry eyes, dry mouth, and even letting you drift into sleep.

Furthermore, its uplifting effects also give a kick of relentless creative energy!

My experience of it was that of the calm side. It always leaves me in a hazy and giddy state with a touch of tingling, and deep relaxation, thanks to the infamous Durban Poison it has. I rarely get red eyes, but the watery and wet sensation it gives me created this awesome, lethargic, yet fully capable and energetic feeling.

Purple Space Cookies Strain Physical Aspect

I really enjoy discussing the physical aspect and visuals of strains because their exterior tells me a lot about what the strain is about. As I mentioned above, at first glance, Purple Space Cookies looked like no other cookie category.

Its deep purple space color with a touch of moderate, mossy green detail gives this premium and sophisticated look. I have to be honest. I didn’t even feel like smoking it when I first saw it because it was tantalizingly beautiful.

The strain is super dense with a set of buds that are thick and evident, which is kind of mouthwatering, to be completely honest. Its deep purple undertones are perfectly colored all throughout its body.

You would never expect it to have this sweet and sugary cookie type of flavor profile because of how it looks But when your dry mouth starts to be desperate for water. You will feel its aftertaste.

That brings me to the next category, which is its taste and aroma.

Purple Space Cookies Flavor Profile

The best and most basic flavor the Purple Space Cookies strain is partnered with is fresh grapes. It’s kind of earthy, citrusy, and berry-like, but not completely. It’s partnered with hints of nutty spices and a spicy, fruity palette attack.

Aroma-wise, it’s earthy and fruity. The way I smell it, the grape overtone contributes to more than half of the sweet aroma and nutty flavor of the strain.

Overall, it the sweet and sugary cookies flavor that it has appropriately matches the bag appeal and bud smell it gives out.

Purple Space Cookies Grow Information

Going on to our last category, which is grow information, is considered the best category of enthusiasts who look into growing their own Purple Space Cookies strain.

Compared to other Space Cookies, this is simpler and easier to grow and cultivate. Thanks to the fact that it is extremely highly-resistant to mildew, molds, and even pests, you rarely have to monitor it for more than 10 minutes per session.

I haven’t grown one yet, but according to its cultivators and growers, the average blooming or flowering time of this strain sits on about 8 to 9 weeks in total. In addition, a square meter can yield up to a total of 550 grams per harvest.

NOTE: Flowering time is just the timeframe of the marijuana plant flowering or blooming.

If you are trying to get a hold of the perfect strain for depression, stress, and other conditions, or if you are just on the hunt for a kickass body-relaxing marijuana strain, then the Purple Space Cookies strain is the one for you.


If you’re left with a few questions under your belt, don’t worry, it’s normal! You should expect to learn more about it, but the smooth-sailing presence and idea of the Purple Space Cookies strain will really leave you wanting more!

How Strong is Purple Cookies?

The Purple Space Cookies strain is a pretty well-balanced, indica-dominant hybrid. Having 20% to 25% THC levels, it really can give you a feeling of lifted happiness while you’re enjoying its sweet and earthy aroma!

Is Purple Cookies Top-Shelf?

Yes, it is considered top-shelf not only because of its medicinal benefits, but it uplifting effects, premium look, and highly-resistant properties it has compared to other Cookie categories.

Purple Space Cookies Strain Price

Since it can be bred indoors or outdoors, there are many growers trying to imitate or even enhance this particular strain. Therefore, you can actually purchase it from a wide array of suppliers that have varying prices. On average, the price of this top-shelf, perfect marijuana strain sits at

Final Verdict

Marijuana use has been seen in Canada as a form of recreational substance. Nevertheless, it still has organically-possible side effects that could either be bad or good for you, depending on your mood.

Don’t try to look for another Space Cookies strain for your mood swings and deep thoughts. The Purple Space Cookies effects will be amplified if you’re able to get it for the best and highest quality it can be.

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