Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2023

Do you love cannabis?

Then surely you’re on the chase to track down the best weed strain available out there…

In fact, Some of the strains recorded beneath are essential for the most grounded strains.

So, in case you are searching for medical marijuana, you might discover what you are searching for.

And also, if you are just searching for recreational marijuana, you will find some fascinating strains.

Besides, To make this article, Dispensary Canada looked into many weed strains accessible in Canada.

And We also talked with cannabis specialists and investigated information from the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Also, We have made this basic rundown to assist you with picking the ideal weed strain for your own satisfaction and therapeutic needs.

Not only that…
Every cannabis strain is evaluated on various factors like intensity, impacts, ancestry, smell, appearance, etc.

All the Mentioned strains are the Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2023.

List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2023

TypeTHCVarietyEffectsTaste/FlavorMedical Conditions
Blue Dream17%-24%60% Indica+ 40% SativaPleasure, Creativity, Energetic, EuphoricMango, Vanilla, Berry, Herbal, Sweet, EarthyInflammation, Headaches, Pain, Fatigue, Migraines
Gorilla Glue #4>20%50-50 Indica+Sativa Euphoric, Strong, Uplifted, Happy, Relaxed, SleepyCheese, Earthy, Coffee, Chocolate, SourDepression, Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety
Sour Diesel20%Sativa dominant (70:30) Indica+Sativa Energetic, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed, EuphoricDiesel, Herbal, Earthy, Pungent, SourDepression, Chronic Pain, Stress, Fatigue
Girls Scout Cookies28% (60:40) Indica+Sativa Euphoric, relaxed, happy, hungry, and stress-freeDiesel, Citurs, PungentChronic Pain and Nausea 
Purple HazeUp to 20%(70:30) Indica+Sativa Happy, Creative, Sleepy, Energized, Uplifted, Relaxed, EuphoricBlueberry, Sweet, Spicy, Earthy aroma, FruityStress, Insomnia, Nausea, Depression, Pain, Fatigue, Eating Disorder
God’s Green Crack 15-25%(55:45) Indica+Sativa Focused, Relaxed, CreativeWoodsy, herbal, citrusDepression, Loss of appetite, pain
California DreamUp to 24%(Afghani + Mexican) Indica+Sativa Focused, Happiness,
Skunky, Pungent, PineAnxiety, Fatigue, Arthritis, Stress, Depression, Migraines, Pain
Snowcap20-25%(50:50) Indica Strain+Sativa Strain Creative, HappyMint, Piney, Citrus, SweetCramps, Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Muscle pain
Wedding Cake15-25%Indica Dominant Hybrid Relaxing and euphoricRich and tangy flavor, earthy aroma & pepperPain, insomnia, and appetite loss.
Northern Lights18%Afghani Indica and Thai SativaRelaxing, Ease of mindEarth tones, pine, and citrusStress and insomnia

Different types of Weed Strains: An Overview

While talking about marijuana strains, you may have heard the words indica strain, sativa strain, and hybrid strain.

By and large, the vast majority partition cannabis into these three classifications.

In fact, Pure Indica, which originates from the Hindu Kush heaps of India, is believed to give a relaxingly effect to the client.

While Sativa Strain is exhilarating cannabis that is available in tropical pieces of the world, like Southeast Asia and South America.

While a Hybrid is a combination of both Indica Strain & Sativa Strain.

Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2023

Blue Dream: Best Sativa Dominant Strain of 2023

Blue Dream Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2021

Looking for the best cannabis strain?

All things considered, Blue Dream is known as the best purple strain out there!

Blue Dream is a mixture that inclines to the Sativa side with a 60/40 proportion.
In fact, This popular stain’s heredity comes from the Haze strain family.

In fact,
This is a genuinely strong bud, with THC levels that fall somewhere in the range of 17% and 24%.
Also, The high hits help you to feel encouraged, concentrated, and creative.

Ohh la la…
As the high settles the impact drops from the head, into a smooth and loosening up body high.
And, This is particularly useful as pressure softens away and helps with discomfort takes a stronghold.

What’s more…
This is apt for patients that need to manage stress and the effects of wounds.
And It also helps fight the symptoms of specific kinds of healing medicines.
Besides, This strain assists those with gloom and sleep issues too.

Wait, there’s more…
This is a fruity and sweet mix of fragrances and flavors.
And It has particular traces of berries, mango, vanilla, blended in with flowers and natural aromas.

So, You may likewise identify traces of sandalwood.
Together, these make a weighty and enduring fragrance.

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2021

Gorilla Glue #4 has is an advanced strain type, also known as GG4 and Original Glue.

In fact, It offers a decent high (half Sativa – half Indica), with equal pieces of zeal and peace.
And this implies it will give you confidence or a speedy and tranquil night’s rest.

In fact, this strain conveys a powerful high also, with most examples conveying THC in the high 20% territory.

What’s more…

In fact, Readings have been pretty much as high as 32%.
And, The strain’s most distinguished flavors are espresso and bitter chocolate.

Wait there’s more…

When it comes to aromas, this is additionally a harmony among prepared fragrances.
So, With regards to smells, this is additionally adjusted, with a bit of sweetness and a bit of sourness.
So, It’s also been portrayed as burnt flowers.

Additionally, thanks to its Chocolate Diesel legacy, you’ll get a bit of rich mocha blended in.

Cool, yeah?

Gorilla Glue buds, in the entirety of their varieties, are commonly light green with pleasant icy frost and orange hairs.

Sour Diesel: Sativa dominant strain

Sour Diesel Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2021

Sour Diesel has a 70/30 blend of Indica & Sativa.
So, This proves there is no question about the Sativa predominance in this strain.

While the THC content surpasses 20%, it is yet an amazing and one of the most loved stains.

And the best part?
Besides, It’s famous to the point that many different crossbreeds have been made utilizing Sour Diesel as a base to expand upon.

Initially made out of Upstate New York, and passing by a few distinct names, Sour, Sour D, and Sour Deez are the most widely recognized in the present cannabis vernacular.

In fact, This strain’s heredity can be followed by Chem Dawg and Super Skunk.

Wait there’s more…
Indeed, Chem was initially called Diesel the present Sour Diesel discovered its balance and started to foster a genuine after.

Sour D is likewise a main strain for therapeutic use.
So, It is particularly used for managing stress and blues.

Cool, right?
It’s incredible for relief from discomfort too.
Besides, it functions admirably in all structures.
So, patients are allowed to choose if they like to smoke or ingest this weed.

On the taste front, you can figure from the name that diesel dominions.

Be that as it may, it is fairly offset by traces of citrus, including orange and lemon.

And Its smell is pungent and lasting.

Girls Scout Cookies: Sativa dominant hybrid

Girls Scout Cookies

Invented in California, Girl Scout Cookies is now spreading their beauty all over the world!
Descended from Durban Poison & Purple Kush, Girl Scout Cookies is a Sativa dominant famous hybrid strains.

And, As per the name, It has a sweet taste, that is frequently contrasted with newly baked cookies.
In fact, You might identify a bit of menthol and a trace of lemon and zest.

And the best part?

This strain has a hefty lean toward Indica (60/40).
However, the Sativa hit isn’t completely overpowered by this irregularity.

In fact, The general THC content is high, regularly coming in at 28% or more.
And This makes GSC a fantastic strain as both recreational and therapeutic cannabis.

Cool, yeah?
Indeed, It is a euphoric high that starts in the head and works its direction down.
As it spreads, pain starts to ease, muscles begin to unwind and the munchies begin to grab hold.

Sniff sniff…

Indeed, This blend makes a developing high that takes you from creative to a remarkable relaxation.
For patients who have pain and nausea issues due to therapies, the best method to utilize this strain is as edible.

In this way, the therapeutic value is conveyed all the more straightforwardly to where it’s required.

Purple Haze: Sativa dominant hybrid


As a feminized hybrid, Purple Haze is perhaps the most loved evergreen cannabis strain.

The best part?

Purple Haze is delightfully created and crossed with 70% Sativa and 30% Indica hereditary qualities.
This mixing impact can lift the mood for the whole day.

Well, this is cool!

While devouring, you can encounter a euphoric high as it holds 20% THC content.
Be that as it may, there’s an immaterial measure of CBD content in the buds.

Cool, yeah?
Bouncing on taste and smell, you will partake in a mix of fruity, blueberry, sweet, hearty, and fiery flavors.

And While inhaling, indeed you can feel inventive, loose, euphoric.
Indeed, Its cheerful energies can flabbergast you for the duration of the day.

Well, Purple Haze is the best weed strain to dispose of mood swings, nausea, chronic stress, weakness, & sleep deprivation.

God’s Green Crack: Indica dominant hybrid


God’s Green Crack is a dumbed-down strain that has a 55:45 ratio & is a particular Indica dominant hybrid.
God’s Green Crack is brought into the world from the joining of God’s Gift and Green Crack.

And as per the name, it fits impeccably with the truly substantial high this strain conveys.

And the best part?

It balances between an enthusiastic and elevating high and an exceptionally loosening up high.
So, This permits you to easily dissolve into ease as all of the pressure is washed away.

What’s more…

This strain will in general have a lemon smell blended in with a woodsy and gritty scent that is accounted for to be very lovely.
Besides, Most people likewise report the fragrances of mango and zest on the breath out.

Cool, yeah?

In fact, The THC range begins at 15% and ascends to as much as 25%.
And Most are close to the top finish of that reach.

The effect of this high forms gradually, beginning at the rear of the head and fanning out from that point.
And The truly fascinating thing about this strain becomes visible when the medical effect comes to light.

Besides, This strain helps people with fatigue, depression, ADD, and ADHD as the high instigates upgraded focus.
So, It’s also powerful enough in conveying relief from discomfort to joint pains.

California Dream: Indica dominant hybrid

California Dream

California Dream is considered one of the most popular strains in 2023.

Besides, It’s an indica dominant hybrid with 70:30 hereditary qualities.
And this indica dominant hybrid is reproduced by the intersection of Afghani and Mexican hereditary qualities.

And the best part?

This beloved indica dominant strain can endure THC more than 24%!
And to such an extent, you can envision its brain empowering impacts.

While inhaling, this marijuana strain can lead you towards charming unwinding, and innovative energy.
One mysterious impact it makes is that you can either get yourself broken up into the profound daze of unwinding.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Having said that, some normal impacts you might encounter are Focus, Happiness, Heightened Senses, and Euphoria.
Besides, Most cannabis enthusiasts are fans of its strong skunky smell.

However, as you proceed, you will begin getting traces of pine and new organic products.
And When it starts off, you can appreciate minty feelings on your sense of taste.

Sounds tasty, right?

California Dream is one of the potent strains you can think about for your psychological and physical issues.

And It can heal issues like weakness, migraines, headaches, joint inflammation, etc.
Alongside that, it can heal psychological issues like pressure, sorrow, and uneasiness.



Snowcap is one of the popular strains that can please you with its unadulterated luxury.

It’s a decent hybrid strain, which implies it conveys half Sativa and half Indica hereditary qualities.
This impeccably balanced hybrid strain is actually staying the top pick of many.

Amazing isn’t it?

With up to an astounding 22% THC, you make certain to get your mind rolling.
It will deliver a smooth high that is great for studying, watching, or creative thinking.

Hmmm… euphoric!

Dry mouth and dry eyes are a portion of the revealed Snowcap impacts.
Other than that, the mood-lifting euphoric joy will accept your day with a cheerful buzz.

Besides, This strain will bait you into its menthol, lemon, and ginger flavors.
While smoking, you will encounter Sativa high and won’t create lounge chair lock results.

Sounds delicious, right?

The delayed flavor effect will have you giggly, inventive, and cheerful energies in general.
Also, Snowcap can fill in as a solution for ongoing stress, nausea, exhaustion, hunger, glaucoma, muscle fits, and nervousness.

In the end, this is one of the best weed strains that can be utilized for recreational just as clinical purposes.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, Otherwise called Birthday Cake, is another in the scope of sweet smokes.
Yet, this one is intriguing dependent on the wide scope of THC fixations that can be found.

And The best part?

In fact, At the low end, it comes in at 15% however it can move as high as 25%.
And This is one of the best hybrid strains with great Indica dominance.

And yes, the lineage with Girl Scout Cookies clarifies the sweet smell this weed stain occupies the room with when smoked.

Imagine vanilla cream, ginger, and nuts to completely envision the fragrances & flavor of this strain.

Hmmm… delicious!

While smoking, you may likewise identify citrus yet that will not come through while vaping or devouring this strain.
This is an extraordinary strain in case you’re searching for a lively high that will set you feeling good.

Wait, there’s more….

This is something that will rapidly soothe pressure and It is likewise extremely unwinding.
Curiously, it’s a strain that is frequently suggested for veterans that are managing some degree of PTSD.

And the best thing is…

The sweet taste likewise fires up a hunger that has been discouraged by sickness and a few sorts of clinical therapies.

Northern Lights

Northern Light

Northern lights is an exceptionally well-known strain made by the mixing of Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa Strain.

Northern lights is an unadulterated Indica.
In fact, It conveys a moderately gentle degree of THC (16 – 22%) and doesn’t convey CDB content (0 – 0.01%).

And the best part?

The fragrances and flavors are basically earthy tones, pine, and citrus, with a tiny bit of bitterness tossed in to adjust everything.

It certainly gives you a high with relaxing effect!
And This makes Northern Lights an incredible decision for managing stress and a sleeping disorder.

Wait there’s more…

It’s likewise incredible for lessening tension & anxiety.
But be careful with the dosage, as a high dosage can have a specific inverse impact.

As it indulges you in a mellow & relaxed mood, The best time for consuming this strain is around evening time.

Sounds cozy, eh?

On the munchies front, this strain is certainly a hunger enhancer.
So check out edibles produced using this strain and solve two problems at once.

Where can you buy the Most Popular Marijuana Strains in Canada: Best Prices

Since you discover somewhat more about the weed strains in Canada has to bring to the table; you may be asking yourself…

Where you can get the best weed strains?

Obviously, your nearby dispensary will have a few…
Yet in case you are searching for a particular strain, the online dispensary is the best option for you!

And You will find each weed strain you’ve generally longed for and surprisingly more!

Note that, Most online dispensaries in Canada are situated in BC where the best marijuana strains are developed and created.

Therefore, you can hope to have the best quality just as the best costs in the country.

Also, Check out the Top 10+ Best Online Dispensary in Canada if you need to track down your next online dispensary.

And By checking our audits you will certainly track down an ideal choice for your needs & necessities

West Coast Cannabis

West-Coast-Cannabis-Best MOM List for Canada 2021- Free Shipping

When it comes to high-quality weed strain, West Coast Cannabis is a fantastic destination for weed lovers!

Based in Vancouver, Canada West Coast Cannabis is the ideal choice for the most potent strains online specifically.

Their broad item reach and amicable client assistance are to a great extent.

And the best part?

West Coast Cannabis offers each one of the marijuana strain from their online cannabis dispensary store.
Cannabis buds, concentrate, edibles, oils, vape, topicals, and so much more is on their list!

Cool yeah?

Likewise, the brand additionally sells a scope of CBD supplements.
This is why WCC is your call for medicinal and recreational needs.

West Coast Cannabis are tried and endorsed by the brand’s own lab group, guaranteeing that clients get simply the best cannabis items available.

Wait there’s more…

Various promotions, limits, and coupons can be found on the site’s landing page.
In the meantime, the brand likewise offers week-by-week and month-to-month giveaways.

This can be a great method to get your hands on some free, top-quality weed strain!

For more details visit:

Herb Approach

The-herb-approach Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2021

The Herbapproach is likely the best MOM to purchase the most well-known weed strains in Canada.

And The best part?

They convey the best-selling weed strains the entire year with a high grade.
They probably won’t be the least expensive on the lookout yet you are 100% certain about the quality you will get!

Well well…
In case you are on a tight spending plan try to check their “sale” page, you’ll discover great arrangements there!

Wait there’s more…

This site is cherished by many on account of its lovely plan and simplicity of route.

And Its client care is quick, mindful, educated, and speedy to answer messages.
Besides, Many suggest this store due to its discount offers which benefit trustworthy clients.

And Don’t forget to check coupon codes & discounts before buying & save your bucks!

For more data about them check:

Haute Health

HAUTE-HEALTH Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Canada 2021

Based in Vancouver, Haute Health is a prominent MOM dispensary, furnishing the Canadian market with top-quality cannabis deals.

The organization was established with the mission to give premium cannabis items in the Canadian market at a moderate cost.

To this end, in case you’re searching for top-notch cannabis items that will not burn through every last dollar, Haute Health could be a decent objective for you to consider!

What’s more…

Additionally, Haute Health likewise gives a scope of mass stock cannabis items.
Besides, The Haute Health site includes a straightforward and simple to-explore plan, with items arranged in the menu.

Cool, yeah?

A portion of the items in offer with the group incorporates cannabis blossoms, concentrates, palatable items, and vapes.

And the best part?

Haute Health likewise sells a scope of mushroom items and CBD supplements.
In addition, the brand additionally offers sitewide limits routinely with its codes.

Delivery is free on all orders, and orders are conveyed vacuum pressed and in discrete bundling.
The brand reliably gets high praises from its past clients; which supports their quality.

For more details visit:


Speed Greens is an online marijuana strain dispensary worked by a group of gave specialists.

These genius people make purchasing cannabis online simple and agreeable.

There are many valid justifications to purchase cannabis online at Speed Greens.

The best value ensure is one of the top reasons, and the second would be their unrivaled client care.

Also, their advancements and arrangements are a reward.

You can likewise get substantial coupon codes to get a moment rebate.

Shopping at Speed Greens is simple.

Their site is coordinated, which implies there is less wreck and with page formats that bode well for their clients.

Speed Greens run quality confirmation for pesticides and shape and affirming the THC and CBD levels.

They fabricated strong associations with industry-driving producers to offer the best cannabis & edibles brands in Canada.

Obviously that SpeedGreens sources all their reserve from the best of what Canada has to bring to the table.

Speed Greens pass on a huge determination of blossoms, concentrates, and much more.

Each strain on their site conveys nitty gritty data about its set of experiences and positive and adverse consequences that offer more benefit to customers.

For more details visit:

The Grow House

The Grow House

Based on West Coast, The Grow House is one of the most trustworthy spots to purchase weed online.

Like other online sellers in Canada, the Grow House expects you to enroll in an in-store account.

And the best part?

The strategy is quick, and you will before long end up getting a membership or scrutinizing the deal promptly after joining.

The organization invests heavily in its determination of blossoms and focuses, which comprise only of amazing Hybrids.

Alongside high-or low-THC blossoms, they additionally offer focuses and bunches of treats.
Indeed You can taste and smell the quality in their best strains.

Cool, yeah?

While packaging, Each item is additionally vacuum-fixed to ensure safety, privacy & freshness.

And The dispensary likewise offers a regular membership for the most recent data on each weed strain (sativa strain,indica dominant strain), prices, and so forth.

Note that, To purchase weed on the web, search for the right coupon code to guarantee a discount.

For more details visit:

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