Moonrock Pre-Roll Joints Review- Everything You Need to Know

Moonrock pre-rolled joints are the ideal blend of marijuana flowers and concentrate.

In fact, Moonrock Joints are a great way to enjoy cannabis without the effort of rolling it yourself, or if you just want to try something new.

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What are Moon Rocks?

You might be wondering…

“What are Moon rocks joints composed of?”

Well here’s the simplest answer to your question…

Moon Rocks Marijuana is a combination of Cannabis flowers and marijuana concentrate.

A cannabis bud is soaked in hash oil (CO2 extract) and then rolled in kief to form moonrocks bud.

While being exceptionally high in THC, the cannabis concentrate might assist persons suffering from diseases such as anxiety to feel calmer.

Moonrock’s nasty ecstasy has great flavors that people would enjoy, such as mango sweetness.

Original, Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, Caramel, Peaches and Cream, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Grape, Banana Split, Strawberry Cheese Cake, and Blueberry Crumble are some of the flavors available.

Moonrock Canada is also the country’s leading moonrocks manufacturer, having been in business since 2016.

Their journey began with a passion for cannabis concentrate innovation and originality, which has helped them become one of Canada’s most sought-after cannabis companies.

Few Cannabis enthusiasts found Moonrock out of a desire to find new methods to exhibit artistry in the cannabis concentrates industry.

That’s why their brand is recognized as one of the best in the industry today while still giving batches at affordable costs for everyone.


The fragrance of Moonrock is not overpowering.
It has a pungent, dank undertone with sweet earthy undertones.

The scent of the prerolls, on the other hand, varies.
The new fragrance mingles with the classic Moonrock scent, resulting in this variation.


Moonrock pre-rolls come in a variety of flavors.
These flavors are made out of a combination of cannabis, CO2 oil, kief, and aroma.

The end result is an earthy, agreeable flavor with a flavoring agent aftertaste.
Moonrock pre-rolls are available in a variety of flavors.

Banana split, green apple, blueberry crumble, coconut, caramel, peaches & cream, original, vanilla, strawberry kiwi, and other flavors are available.


Moonrock pre-rolls are packaged in a clear glass tube with the Moonrock logo.

These tubes have cork or plastic caps on them.
The pre-roll is cylindrical or conical in shape.

They come with a filter on one end and are available in white transparent or brown translucent rolling paper.
These pre-rolls produce white ash while burning.

An Introduction to Pre Rolled Joint

The infamous way of consuming Moonrocks is a pre-rolled joint.
They’re a quick and easy way to enjoy moonrocks on the move without the fuss of making them from scratch.

Moonrock Pre Rolled joint: An Introduction

Moonrock joint

Moonrock Preroll Joints consist of high AAA nug, Honey Oil (CO2 Hash oil), and Flavored Golden Kief.

Each pre-roll has a THC concentration of between 55 and 65 percent.

Each moonrock pre roll consists contains 1/2 gram or 1 gram of marijuana flower, depending on the choice you select. They’re ideal for folks who want top-quality cannabis with high THC content.

Moonrocks pre-roll also comes in thirteen distinct flavors.

Diffrent Types of Moonrock Pre roll

While rolling the perfect joint is an admirable achievement, there are occasions when quick high and convenience are necessary.
Every sort of smoker will find something special on the pre-roll market.

You can have your perfect Pre-rolls as bulk, as singles, or rolled in kief, shatter, or oil.

Not to mention the variations in THC and CBD, as well as the grams per pre-roll.
It’s a cannabis paradise with ready-to-smoke weed.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Cosmic Pre-roll BluntAAA Cannabis flower
Honey oil
Golden kief
Similar great flavors as the standard Moonrock preroll,
Comes with tobacco-free slowly burning blunt paper.
‘Stardust’ Shatter pre-rollHybrid AAA+ bud,
Honey Oil or Golden Shatter,
Premium kief
Most potent pre-roll!
It consists of Shatter with a high THC level of 70-75 percent THC level!
Cosmic Solar Flares Pre-RollPremium Cannabis Pre-rollsYou can choose from a wide variety of bud strains i.e. Indica, Stiva & Hybrid.

How to consume Moonrocks?

You can consume Moonrocks like any other nug; Just break them up into a joint, bowl, vape, or pipe.

It’s difficult to keep it burning.
And as it’s dense and greasy, we recommend glassware such as a bong or pipe.

How long does it take for moonrock pre-rolls to take effect?

Moonrock Pre Rolls generate a gradual burn with some instant effects that pick up speed for about 30 minutes.

If you’re new to moon rocks or high-THC strains, you may anticipate your buzz to last many hours or perhaps the next day, according to user evaluations.

Is there any danger in consuming moonrock pre-rolls?

Yes, there are psychological and physical dangers.

The full impact of high-THC marijuana on the body and brain has yet to be determined by researchers.

When THC levels are high, you’re more likely to have a negative reaction, especially if you’re new to marijuana.

When you consume large dosages of THC on a daily basis, higher THC levels may raise your risk of addiction.

While the dangers of high-THC marijuana are still being researched, marijuana in any concentration has some dangers.

So, Don’t forget that…

Moonrock Pre Roll Joints aren’t your average pre-roll joints!

These joints are rich in THC and should only be used by experienced users.

The smoking experience may not always be as smooth as conventional flower joints due to the higher amount of concentrate on the joints.

Safety Guide:

Here are some broad safe ways to utilize moon rocks:

Eat first, not simply to hold the possible munchies within proper limits, yet to likewise decrease the impacts of high-THC weed and forestall queasiness.

Have heaps of water available and stay hydrated previously, during, and in the wake of smoking, as dry mouth is essentially guaranteed.

Pick a protected where you can simply sit and chill with practically no obligations.

Go sluggish. Start slow like, truly sluggish.

This is particularly significant if you’re new to moon rocks or high-THC strains, as it can assist with limiting the power of the impacts.

Attempt to stand by something like a few minutes between each breathe-in.

Moonrock Pre-Roll Joints: Price Review

In Canada, moonrock joints are now widely available.
The amount of flower used, the type of concentrates, and the type of paper decide the various cost ranges.

For a single pre-roll joint, prices range from 14 dollars to 25 dollars.
Bulk deals with 6 or 13 pre-roll are also available.

From the lowest to the most expensive, here is the comprehensive price comparison for all sorts of Moonrock Canada joints.

TypeQuantityPrice Range
Moonrock Pre-roll0.5 gm to 1 gm14 $-26 $
Cosmic Blunt1 gmAround 29 dollars
Moonrock Stardust Shatter1 gmAround 30 dollars
Moonrock Pre-roll 6 Bundle (0.5 gm)Around 75 dollars
Moonrock Pre-roll 13 Bundle (0.5 gm) Around 170 dollars
Moonrock Pre-roll 6 Bundle (1 gm)Around 300 dollars
Cosmic Blunt13 Bundle (1 gm)More than 350 dollars

Buy Moonrock Pre Rolls At the Best Price

Online dispensaries, often known as mail-order marijuana, are your safest bet if you want to buy Moonrocks Pre-roll joints online (MOM).

They indeed have the most affordable moonrock pre-rolls!

MOM shops include everything a marijuana aficionado might want, including a large range of strains, concentrates such as shatter, wax, and budder, and edibles like cookies and brownies.

In a nutshell, all of the cannabis goods you’ll ever require!

And the best part?

The simplicity of having whatever you need to be delivered straight to your door in a discreet package.
This is ideal for individuals who live with roommates or in a nosy neighborhood!

You can buy Moonrocks Pre-roll joints from the finest mail-order marijuana dispensaries here:


The herb approach

Pre-rolled Moonrock joints are $20 at Herbapproach.
And a Mix and Match 3 Joint costs around 50 dollars.

The Moonrock Pre-Rolled Joint is manufactured with original and flavored moonrocks.

These moonrocks are made with an OG bud that has been rolled in honey oil and dusted with kief.
Each order includes one Moonrock joint that has been pre-rolled.

Visit this mail-order marijuana here: Herbapproach


This MOM is selling Moon Rock Joints (Indica) for $25.

Ice Cream Kush bud was rolled in 0.5 grams of high-terpene full-spectrum extracts (HTFSE) and Terp sauce, then pulverized in 0.5 grams of Mix Indica Kief.

Visit this mail order marijuana here:


This MOM offers a similar deal with 2x 1gr Moon Rock Pre Roll Joints for $25. It’s also available on sale for $18.

A Moonrock pre-roll is made up of a variety of cannabis buds i.e. Girl Scout Cookies hybrid or other hybrids that have been dipped or blended in high-quality CO2 hash oil and sprinkled with kief.

Visit this mail order marijuana here: cannabudpost

People Also Asked About Moonrock Pre Roll Joints

What are the Moon Rocks’ effects?

Moon rocks have a lot of power.

Those who have tried it describe it as having massive, dense, aromatic smoke clouds and a rich and pleasant kief flavor.

THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis that is primarily responsible for the “high.”

The effects of moon rocks are more prominent than those of regular cannabis products because they contain significantly higher quantities of THC.

The intensity of the side effects is determined by a variety of factors, including the strain utilized and your tolerance level.

The effects of cannabis with a high THC level will be more strong for someone who isn’t acclimated to it.

When taking large amounts, the severity of the effects is also amplified.

Some of the most prevalent consequences of moon rocks are as follows:
a faster heartbeat
hunger and tiredness

How High can be the moonrock pre-roll joint?

It differs from one quantity to the next.

The potency is determined by the preparation method, the person who prepares it, and the components utilized.

The THC content of moon rocks can go above 50%.

To put that into context, most popular dispensary strains have between 17 and 28 percent THC.

Final Thoughts on Weed Products Online

Weed moon rocks are especially powerful, in any event, for a prepared marijuana client.

You’ll certainly need to tread carefully, particularly if you’re new to the entire pot thing.

Assuming you live in a state that is authorized pot, visit a dispensary and converse with a prepared staff part.

They can give you the wide choice and idea of the subtle art and craft of the moon rocks; from tip to toe!

Hope you enjoyed the guide and found the ONE for you!

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