Green Society Reviews 2023: Must Read Before Buying

I won’t blame you; I’ve also scouted too few Green Society reviews before I decided that I’ll work with them. And quite frankly, that was the best decision I made. So for you to refrain from opening a lot of Green Society reviews online, I prepared this comprehensive guide!

I decided to review Green Society and share my personal experiences with them. So, is Green Society online dispensary overrated? Here’s what this Green Society review entails:

  • Website Design and Navigation
  • Product Variety and Quality
  • Support Desk or Customer Service
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Packaging
  • Price Range
  • Coupon and Discount Codes
  • Reviews and Feedback From Customers and Previous Clients

Is Green Society a Legit Online Dispensary?

Yes, they are. Contrary to what a lot of people think of them, Green Society is a legitimate and operating online cannabis dispensary. I can’t blame you; before we review Green Society, it’s imperative to find out whether they’re legitimate so we don’t waste time while we’re on it.

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By knowing this, you’ll have a more definitive and clearer purpose of whether they are an online dispensary that you can trust or not.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

Green Society Online Dispensary Business Profile

Green Society is one of the first and most-established dispensaries in the industry, allowing you to order swiftly and urgently without the fear of being seen by your neighbors.

According to them, they know the importance of providing customers and patients with premium-quality products curated specifically to the needs of those who have medical or medicinal purposes.

I would say that Green Society is one of the best dispensaries in Canada because of how they treat their customers and provide value to what patients are paying for.

Green Society Reviews 2023: Are They Trustworthy?

Green Society Reviews

Now, in this Green Society review, I don’t want to feed you with information you won’t need. Everything we’ll discuss and go through will be for your benefit. There are not a lot of Green Society reviews as comprehensive and as honest as this, so be sure to check and read this out!

Green Society’s Website

Let’s start with Green Society’s website. Since this is the first thing you will see, it’s just right that it’s designed and structured neatly and appropriately. The graphics, colors, and font selection is super helpful.

I’ve never had trouble understanding where I’m at, what I’m reading, and where I’m being redirected.

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Following that, the navigation is easy for both web and mobile versions. However, no matter what you use, the site is user-friendly and is understandable even for people who have little-to-no experience with cannabis.

The site loading speed is also commendable as I tested it, and I never waited for more than what I expected.

I give the website a solid 5 out of 5. Everything in it is placed correctly and neatly, enough to let you know that you are about to get quality service.

Product Variety

The next thing worth noting would be the category of products Green Society has. Imagine a store with almost everything they have sold out or out of stock; what would you feel?

Personally, a store with a minimum quantity of products doesn’t only seem illegitimate, but they’re less pleasing to look at, too. Green Society, though, is not that dispensary.

They are an online dispensary —in fact, already a high-quality brand that sources the highest caliber of products from the best and most experienced connoisseurs. They also manufacture their own accessories now, too!


When you buy weed online, it’s important to take note of the flowers or buds they’re offering because it’s like their overall base or foundation. For example, Green Society has a huge selection of marijuana flowers that are categorized intelligently via their type (hybrid, indica, and sativa) or their prices, $99 or less.


Like flowers, concentrates have a special place in the hearts of tokers and cannabis enthusiasts, making them one of those high-quality items that have their placement in today’s cannabis market.

I love how Green Society categorized their concentrates; you can choose it from the process of how it was extracted —THC Oil, Live Resin, Budder, Hash, Kief, Shatter, and so on!


I don’t know about you, but checking the edibles selection is also a great way of identifying the quality and skill of an online dispensary. Nowadays, dispensaries would try equipping themselves with edibles without thinking about what they are.

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With Green Society, that’s not the case. The dispensary offers an awful lot of edibles, even some you haven’t heard of before! Their lineup consists of incredibly dense, high-quality brands like Pacific CBDFaded Edibles, Sugar Jack, and many more!

I admire the fact that they’ve grouped and categorized intelligently. You can choose from baked edibles, THC gummies, candies, tinctures, chocolates, and even mix & match, too!


Newbies or beginner tokers would love their vape pens and overall lineup because they are versatile. Green Society’s vape pens are available in the form of disposable vapes, cartridges, and batteries.

Their vape options could be less than 30, but all of the things in the shop or store are available.

As much as I’d love to, I haven’t gotten the chance to try any of their vapes out yet. However, based on the menu and how my order was handled, I’m sure that everyone will be getting the same treatment.


Last but most definitely not least would be their accessories. Now, you might be wondering, what could possibly be cannabis accessories? They range from a large category of products like shirts, branded rolling papers, blunt wraps, grinders, lighters, and many more!

I love how Green Society has this custom-branded accessories like reusable face masks, grinders, Green Society key chain lanyards, and ashtrays. It’s a solid sign that they’re a legitimate mail-order service committed to the happiness of their customers.

Cannabis Quality

Quality products don’t usually come from small types of dispensaries simply because they only get their cannabis from sources and suppliers, too —but not Green Society. Not a lot of people know this, but Green Society’s cheap ounces aren’t actually as bad and cheap as how many people view them.

Being one of the more popular online dispensaries, they have a service commitment, as well as a quality commitment to their clients.

While they don’t have lab analyses, there are still happy customers praising the caliber of their weed.


Another thing to look at would be the dispensary’s vendors, if they have any, of course. What I mean by vendors are the brands that they have. As of writing, they have tons of vendors, and the most popular ones would be Faded Cannabis Co., Euphoria Extractions, Sugar Jack, Green Supreme, Pacific CBD, Twisted Extracts, and others.

I’ve read and seen this Faded Edibles review by Jerry Smith, and they say that they will definitely not disappoint you.

Faded Cannabis Co., is a brand that capitalizes only on using the best, cleanest, and purest ingredients in all of their goods. They will NEVER disappoint!

Customer Service

Service commitment should be one of the things to look for when dealing with a shop or store. An online dispensary excels when its customer service or customer experience becomes better. What this implies is that more people will be open to trying their services out.

In the beginning, I told you that this Green Society review would be about my thoughts and personal experiences with them, so Green Society’s support desk has been one hell of an encounter with them.

They have their socials, email addresses, and schedule on every page to give you this feeling of assurance that you won’t be left alone.

Their FAQ guide is not as comprehensive as some shops and dispensaries, but they directly give you the information you would be asking for support firsthand. I’m talking about membership questions, payments, fees, shipping, delivery, etc.

Contact Us Page

They also have a Contact Us page that you can access to get the contact information to use if you want to get in touch with Green Society.

What’s great with Green Society’s support desk and contact us page is that it’s advertised and displayed everywhere. It’s not like other dispensaries where they just have a form, and you’re not sure whether the support team was able to get it or not.

Moreover, their prompt customer service will leave you wanting to ask more questions! I’ve tried asking for their support multiple times, and not once did I feel like I needed more from other sites and dispensaries.

While Green Society does not have that form, they openly market their customer support or customer service department, saying that they are always openly ready to give you the assistance and support you need.

Fulfillment and Delivery Time

Their fulfillment process is so organized that not a lot of online dispensaries are able to ace this like them. The process is simple — you choose your products, and you finalize them; then, you’ll be able to click your cart and proceed to CHECKOUT.

The minimum amount to successfully place an order is $50, with a $20 shipping fee. The good news is that if your orders go beyond $149, then the shipping/delivery will be free!

Payment is also easy. You just have to choose Interac E-Transfer as your payment; then, you’ll be sent an email containing the details and confirmation.

Your journey from shopping to checkout will be like smooth smoke — you’ll receive your tracking number, and you don’t have to do anything else any longer!

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NOTE: Cryptocurrency is also an accepted form of payment. Green Society is currently accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, or Litecoin. You’ll be granted a 10% discount if you use crypto as your payment!


Overall, Green Society’s packaging is discreet, safe, and ultimately secure. The company capitalizes on its ability and skill to package orders using safe, smell-proof, vacuum-sealed bags that would heighten the security of privacy of your purchases.

You wouldn’t worry about sneaky neighbors and delivery people to see what’s inside because it’ll be concealed!

I remember all packages that come from them being secured. They looked a bit suspicious, but hey, you can’t open it if it’s not yours, so it’s all good!

Furthermore, the packages were also fit into a standard-sized mailbox, so Canada Post won’t actually have problems delivering them to your doorstep! The packaging they have partnered with Canada Post XpressPost is professionally packaged and professionally designed to keep other people from eavesdropping.

The only thing I am concerned about was the fact that it was difficult to open! These were good signs of safety and privacy, so let’s leave it at that!

Coupon and Discount Codes

Others review Green Society and focus on the website, what they offer, and the courier services they use. But what else would be more important than the discount codes, loyalty programs, and other sweet promotions that a company continues to give?

Green Society is one of those dispensaries that have a ton of discounts like flash sales, new-member freebies, daily deals, and more. The exhaustive catalog of promotions they have alone is a clear sign that Canadian residents purchase from them regularly!

As of writing, they’re offering a St. Patrick’s Day Sale, giving a 50% discount on all flowers and 10% on all merchandise that are priced regularly!

Great Loyalty Program

Green Society would also be incomplete without a good word about their society deals or their exclusive loyalty program. I, myself, have been tempted to sign up to view their sizeable selection of discounted items for standard and unique strains!

The main kicker of Green Society’s program is that you can get up to 50% off on selected items and miscellaneous offers that you wouldn’t be able to get on other platforms, even discounts.

That’s about it for Green Society! So, whether you’re looking for cannabis for recreational purposes or if you want to put an end to stress, chronic pain, or even other conditions, Green Society will be one of the best choices you’ll ever have.

Green Society’s Custom-Branded Accessories

Awesome would be the only thing I can say because apart from their incredibly fresh cannabis products, they also have accessories that you can purchase! And their accessories aren’t low-quality; instead, it’s the other way around!

Being a high-quality brand, it’s quite automatic that you get items that are premium in quality. Their custom-branded accessories are professionally packaged and super helpful, especially if you want to up your cannabis experience.

Other than key chains and wearables, Green Society is also proud of the other sweet promotions they have for their accessories. For one, they got their Green Society Medtainer, a grinder perfect for any session.

They also have the Green Society brand rolling machine, as well as the Rolling Tray! Of course, there are a lot of accessories to choose from —you will never experience a shortage of them; that’s a guarantee!


In case you still have questions about Green Society, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them so you don’t have to shuffle through multiple tabs to have your question answered!

Does Green Society Ship to the US?

Unfortunately, no, Green Society is exclusive to Canadian residents or customers who are only within Canada.

Green Society Reviews Reddit

Reddit reviews were a mix of good and bad; some say that it took the company more than two weeks of delivery time, while others say that their stuff is excellent. In fact, older smokers and customers say that they’ve been around for a long time and that not getting someone’s order would already be a big deal for them.

Is Green Society Legal?

Yes, Green Society is. This online cannabis dispensary excels in providing updates and all necessary follow-ups customers and clients aren’t able to get with other dispensaries.

Final Verdict

Don’t be fooled by fake and inaccurate Green Society reviews online as most of them are paid for by either the dispensary itself or its competitors. Nevertheless, the company continues to provide the best and most reasonable prices of cannabis products while promoting excellent-quality service to everyone.

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