FairCannaCare Reviews 2023: Are They Perfect?

A lot of FairCannaCare reviews have been revolving around the market, and you could be finding them extremely difficult to believe. Some con artists are creating fake reviews, which can make it more difficult for you!

That’s why I decided to help you by giving you a complete run-through of what the company or this online dispensary is all about!

I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary details. This FairCannaCare review will discuss the following:

  • Product Pricing with Coupons, Discounts, and Promos
  • Cannabis Product Variety and Availability
  • Quality, Potency, and Bag Appeal
  • Customer Service

A Quick Look at FairCannaCare

Out of all the different dispensaries in Canada, FairCannaCare has one of the most formal and professional names out there. The idea behind it is to appear as a serious yet versatile online dispensary that offers medical cannabis to people.

We believe that every Canadian should find it easy to get premium-quality cannabis no matter what social status, income, medical needs, and purpose they have.”

Looking at their About Us page, it’s also clear that they are focused on providing an affordable price to their customers. How? Because they offer just about $2.50 to $9 per gram, approximately around 70% cheaper and lower than other dispensaries.

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FairCannaCare Reviews: Are They the Perfect Online Dispensary?

Can you entrust your CBD products to them? I’ve found interesting information about them that could end the anxiety you have or actually keep you excited. I won’t make it long, and as promised, I will not let you deal with irrelevant information!

And I promise; we will only be giving you the stuff that is intended to help you with your purchase! We won’t bore you with unnecessary details you wouldn’t be able to use!

Website Navigation and User Experience

We can only go on with this review if we talk about the site. The website is like the overall pillar of an online dispensary. They’re online —they have nowhere else to display or showcase what they have.

FairCannaCare significantly invested in its website. It’s easy to navigate, and read, and you won’t actually be lost when you’re inside it. Overall, it’s a quality product you can treat as a real storefront!

Their homepage is like the door, and the shop is the menu where you get to see everything they’re offering. So I would rate their website a solid 9 out of 10. The only thing that FairCannaCare could’ve done better would be to emphasize the SALE, discounts, and promotional items.

Product Prices

The rates and prices of the cannabis products offered by FairCannaCare are substantially lower than most other dispensaries. From their About Us page alone, you’ll already see their claim that the majority of their products, whether THC or CBD products, round up to about 60% to 70% lower.

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A good example would be their Timewarp (Texada) hybrid flower. You can purchase it at only $33 per ounce, which translates to $499 per pound. Besides this, I also gave their CBD edibles a try, particularly their Buzzy Mangoes. The pack of 10 products costs $25, and it was pretty good, nothing special.

Other dispensaries had CBD gummies that ranged between $45 and $60, but those were a pack of 20s, etc., and they were not as good as FairCannaCare gummies. They were still non-psychoactive, yes, but they were overall effective in giving you high levels of calmness and relaxation.

I’d give the rates and prices a 6 out of 10. Yes, they’re cheaper than most dispensaries, and they have a lot of products under their belt, but the cheap rates are only a handful of the total products you can get from them.

FairCannaCare Coupon Codes and Discounts

Most online dispensaries would have a list of their discounts and promos right at the beginning or homepage of the website. But, with Fair Canna Care, you won’t see it there. This is a big deal, considering the fact that the majority of consumers want to see a huge deficit in the price of their purchases.

But hey, FairCannaCare coupon codes might not be as standard as other dispensaries, but they have sales, promos, and tested discount plans.

I know someone who tried and tested their AAAA smalls, which was only $70 per oz, or the Mac 1 AAAA smalls. The quality is good but not overwhelming; she said she was able to try other strains that are ideally cheaper because the buds were thicker.


Their support team was median; I mean, it’s not like they have a call center to answer and cater to the needs of their clients and customers. They have a Contact Us page, but it was just like how other dispensaries’ contact pages are.

Another bummer is that their offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays when most people need help.

What’s good about them is that they’re very much aware of how emails work. On their contact page, they say that emails that contain shipping and delivery information could be marked as spam.

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And while their support system (even email) only operates during business hours, you’ll definitely be able to receive accurate and precise information about it. So whether you have a question about the company, delivery within Canada, or anything about your order, you’ll get it!

Shipping and Delivery

For their shipping and delivery, FairCannaCare utilizes Canada Post XpressPost for quality delivery. In addition, every order would have tracking information that will provide updates for your order.

I’ve never had any trouble with Canada Post’s XpressPost shipping across all dispensaries I’ve tried and worked with. Whether it’s for cannabis products or any other industry, they’ve taken good care of my orders!

The company will carry your package like theirs and ensure that it’s kept safe and secure and won’t shatter when it’s already within your hands.


This was where I was impressed. The quality of packaging and discreetness is out of this world. In the industry, only a few select weed dispensaries offer this, and FairCannaCare is one of them.

They wrap and package it in a vacuum-sealed container that prolongs and keeps your privacy. You’ll see zero access to whatever the contents are of your package unless you open it, of course!

I’ve been told by one of my peers in the cannabis industry that Fair Canna Care can help save you from the anxiety of damaged parcels and packages. They’ve thoroughly evaluated their packaging protocol and will definitely meet, even exceed your expectations.

What Customers Have to Say

And last but most definitely not least would be the feedback or the comments people have about the dispensary. Fair Canna Care reviews mainly comprise of two (2) sides: complaints and praise.

Many negative ones say something about price, customer service, quality of the buds or flower, and sometimes even the freshness of the concentrates. They could be true since the dispensary doesn’t please everyone. However, most positive comments also outline the premium quality Canadians give this dispensary.

As per them, the dispensary has compassion and empathy toward its customers, and some also praise and applaud the variety of THC and CBD products FairCannaCare has.

If I were to give an overall rating, I would give FairCannaCare a solid 8 out of 10. The 2 remaining would be for customer service and for better information about their products. Some customers also like to learn from their experience with dispensaries, so it could be a great addition.


If you still have questions about FairCannaCare’s way of doing business and you don’t want to get onto another level of support, here are a few of the most asked questions regarding that!

Is Fair Canna Care Legit?

Yes, FairCannaCare is a legit online dispensary that you can bank and count on. I was able to try and test them myself, and I’ve seen people leave tons of positive reviews about them, so, yes, it’s one of those legit ones in the industry.

Does FairCannaCare Only Offer Cannabis For Medical Needs?

Out in the industry, it’s rare to find a dispensary that only caters to medical and medicinal functions. In fact, more dispensaries target the recreational market because more people are within that frame.

With FairCannaCare, though, they cater to the needs of both medicinal and recreational clients.

Does the Dispensary Really Offer an Affordable Price?

Thanks to FairCannaCare coupon codes, standard pricing, and multiple deals, you’ll really get the value for your money. In the future, when you look back and compare, you’ll find FairCannaCare and treat it as the best you’ve ever worked with.

Final Verdict

This review was designed so that you don’t have to scroll and skim through other Fair Canna Care reviews on the internet. Hopefully, you now know how to spend your money wisely by not wasting your time shuffling through different stores.

Do you have your own experiences with Fair Canna Care? Have they been amazing for you or the other way around?

Let us know what you think about their stuff!

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