Reviews 2023: Do They Really Have Cheap Weed?

Reading multiple reviews is as important as trying it for the first time. I know it because I’ve been through that, and not once did I refrain from succumbing to what other people, and other customers, thought about it.

Is what they say true about Stay away from fake reviews and find out about Cheap Weed with full confidence!

Before we jump to it, it’s imperative to find and understand who Cheap Weed is and what they do.

Who is ( today) is a mail-order marijuana (MoM) service that provides cannabis products in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as well as other parts of the country.

According to them, they provide the best and highest quality of medical cannabis in Canada. Moreover, their “about us” states that they have an extensive range of cannabis products, from marijuana flowers, edibles, concentrates, and topicals, too!

They take pride in a few of the factors they mostly capitalize on, including:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Shipping
  • Highly-Skilled Customer Service Team
  • High-Caliber of Products

Cheap Weed says that its team is continuously working to provide the necessary tools and products its market is yearning for. But are these all true in the sense that they provide cheap weed? Reviews: The Only Review You Need!

For this review, I won’t just be getting from other sources. I will give you the information based on how I experienced it personally! Being a cannabis enthusiast myself, I can confidently say that my knowledge in determining dispensary quality is reliable.

I’ll perform the review in a scaling structure, starting from the very first point of contact with the company down to how it was delivered. Stick around if you want to learn all the truths behind Cheap Weed and its operations! Website: Worst or Great?

The first thing that would welcome you when you try an online dispensary out would be its website. When checking out where to buy weed online, it’s imperative to know about the store you’re going into business with.

At first glance, I noticed that the website was well-put. The menu was properly arranged, and all the categories could easily be seen.

You can access the menu, and clicking on it would reveal shop, news, reviews, rewards, and contact —you get the point.

Scrolling a bit down will reveal the products they have. They’re also arranged properly, in such a way that you’ll easily be able to understand what they’re for.

You’ll see them categorized as marijuana flowers, indica, sativa, and hybrid, concentrates, edibles, mix, match, etc. You can search for them, too!

Needless to say, I like how the products were displayed, but the entire user interface lacked organization. It lacked it in such a way that everything would be given to you all at once, and it won’t have any redirection.

Their homepage looks like a long landing page with multiple settings, which could look sketchy to some people.

Web Domain Change

Another thing worth noting about Cheap Weed is the fact that they change their domain quite often. It was but now, it’s There are a few changes in between these two (2) transformations, and it’s something you ought to look out for, to.

Many experts believe that changing the domains is often a sign of unaccountability and unreliability.

Moreover, if the domain is not “.com,” they are often less trustworthy. You don’t want your hard-earned money to be put to waste, right?

Those are my thoughts regarding cheap weed’s website. It contains the same information as other dispensaries, but they really don’t have that “wow factor” that would make you trust it as a website.

Overall Ranking:

Their website, for me, is an 8 out of 10. It’s a solid 8 because I like the simplicity of it. It does not mislead you to anything; it’s simple, straightforward, and concise to what consumers are looking for.

The only trouble I find (that hopefully, they fix) would be the non-categorization of the items. They’re almost scattered all over the place, and they’re not entirely grouped together in some sort. Moreover, I found it confusing since I was very much into choosing between indica and sativa.

Cheap Weed Customer Service Rep Emma

Now, a lot of people would have their own comments on how shady CW treats its customers. For me, though, I had my own fights, but when I first started with the team, they were great.

Taking from my experience, the first few months with the company were great. They had a highly-skilled support team that was able to answer and solve my problems in a quick and urgent manner.

As the months went by, there were major delays in the responses and changes in the support department. Emma, the customer service representative, has been established.

Emma (Customer Service Representative)

My experience with her (customer service rep Emma) was unbearable. The company had horrible customer service, and that was when I knew I wouldn’t want to interact with them ever again. Since then, I haven’t contacted CW about anything.

From there, people posting positive reviews came to a stop, and they were replaced by flooding of negative energy.

That alone is enough evidence that customer service will always be better and be more valuable than cheap weed.

FAQ Page

Other than their customer service, customers can also opt into checking the frequently asked CW questions, particularly about an order mismanaged, payment, packages shipped and replacement packages, lost shipments, and many others.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re helpful. However, in the end, you’d still need to contact their proper customer service department to help you with it —leaving you stuck where you are.

In all fairness, the FAQ page helps give information to customers about everything they need to know about their transactions with Cheap Weed.

Overall Ranking:

I would give it a 7 out of 10. I can’t really point to the healthier side of their support during the first few months, but Emma CW was terrible. Other customers even reported receiving ridiculous levels of support to the extent that the person on the other end was rude to them.

Cannabis Product Library

I don’t know about you, but the amount and the variety of products a dispensary has (or any other store, for this matter) usually reflect a lot about trustworthiness and reliability.

In short, the more products a shop or a store has, the more reliable they appear, at least for a general cannabis Toronto dispensary.

For that thought, Cheap Weed has a little under 150 total items in its belt. They have good weed, for the most part, but the number is not actually that vast. I checked this for well over a year, and the changes are minimal.

Less than 20 new products have been added to their list.

Marijuana Flowers

This category details the marijuana flowers that the company has in store. As I said, this contains the entirety of their cannabis selection. You have the option of categorizing them by hybrid, indica, and sativa.


There is also a heap of concentrates they’re offering that you can choose from. As of writing, they have less than 50 concentrates that are generalized. Meaning they aren’t categorized into balls, hash, live resin, diamond distillates, shatter, etc.

I tried asking Emma, stating that I wanted a different form or type of concentrate for a particular strain. Unfortunately, it was not very helpful. All you have to do is wait patiently until the time they release other concentrates and products.


Cheap Weed has a few edibles in store that they offer their clients. Originally, they have 30+ but as of the time of writing, most of them are out of stock.

This was one of the major downsides of this particular dispensary. Out of all the major dispensaries (GTA region), the vast majority of them had a ton of edible offers, from gummies, cookies, and even candies and chips.

Cheap Weed does not have those. They only have separate gummies that are categorized plainly.

I would say that their edible selection is poor, given the fact that you’ll be able to find more dispensaries carrying more options and gummies.

Premium Dank

Last but most definitely not least would be their premium dank or the highest quality of weed and marijuana they have to offer.

This was when things started to turn to the green light for Cheap Weed. Their premium dank was truly premium. This was where I also noticed that the big bulk of their loyal customer base was ordering these.

I only got to purchase once from their premium dank, and I got Death Comatose. The effects were fast, and it was an absolute winner. The succeeding purchase I did got my order mismanaged.

The email response I got was delayed; Emma emailed me, but hey, they did give me full insurance on it.

Overall Ranking:

I would rate their selection 5/10, decently. I say five (5) because they do have more than 100 products up their sleeve, and they rarely give errors when ordering.

However, more than 98% of other customers disagree and say that they have found something better and more reliable that has more products under their belt.

Product Quality: Do They Give the Good Stuff?

This is one of the things that I love about cheap weed. Their staff is really high-quality, especially those that are priced more than the average. Although I feel like I can get the same information, the same set of products and the same dankness from other dispensaries, the quality of weed they have for their premium dank category is legit.

They’re pretty good and for the price, I can say that they’re worth it. However, I must say that there are a few touch-ups that Cheap Weed could have done to develop their products, like the packaging and the presentation, but quality-wise, they’re dank.

Their standard, regular weed, is not as good as what other dispensaries have to offer. I have yet to try their concentrates out, but based on the reviews I read, I thought it was best just not to try them out.

Overall Ranking:

Overall, I would say that I’d rate Cheapweed’s product quality 5 out of 10. 5 because their dank premium offers are actually pretty good stuff, but all others are just ridiculous.

I would really not recommend purchasing your regular weed from them because it’s like they’re taking it for granted.

Shipping and Delivery: Shipping Issues

This is what a lot of people have had problems with. Furthermore, this is the area of their business where they’ve been named and labeled as a company that’s scamming people.

As I’ve mentioned, the first one (1) or two (2) orders from them have been fine. Also, maybe because of the fact that I ordered from their premium dank category. The next order, probably around 2 months after the last, I felt something was off.

That was the time when I received news that the Canada Post entirety was having system problems and issues, so I really haven’t thought of anything of it. But 15 days later, I got an empty box that CW mislabeled because I knew that was not what I ordered.

I immediately contacted CW with my tracking number and the tracking service posted on the package I received. I finally received a response after around 30+ hours. They tried to offer replacement packages, but I said I just wanted my money back. It came late, but honestly, I’m glad that it did.

Maybe it was because that time was approaching Xmas holidays? I don’t know. From then on, I never tried ordering. Plus the fact that customer service was kind of slow and unprofessional I immediately knew they were not my cup of tea.


The same story goes for how shady CW treats its customers. The first orders were fine, they arrived in not-so-secured but well-packaged containers, but after those, the packages shipped were extremely dysfunctional.

Apart from the fact that they were empty boxes, the boxes that were used have completely been mishandled. I am not sure how much evidence is needed to label a dispensary as a bad one, but this one was enough for me.

Overall Ranking

I was pissed at the random delays, the empty box, and the wrong tracking service posted so I’m giving them a 2 out of 10 for packaging. I feel like the last order was a total mess, more like a scam of some sort. They agreed and offered one replacement, but I didn’t get it.

Prices and Rates

Like other cannabis dispensaries in the country, Cheap Weed has a ton of offers, discounts, and promos that they give out to their clients to reel them in. A big chunk of them is available when you sign up for their newsletter or when you give your email address to them.

However, you can also check their website for daily deals, coupon codes, and many other promotions that could help lower the price you need to pay for your order.

When you open their website up, you’ll immediately be welcomed by the mix-and-match offers they have. Mix and match, in case you don’t know, is a package where you’ll have the chance to choose the products you’re getting under a quantity condition.

For cheap weed, their mix-and-match promotion is:

  • 15% off when 2 ounces are in your cart
  • 35% off when 3 or more ounces are in your cart
  • 45% off when 8 or more ounces are in your cart
  • 10% off when 2 to 3 quarter pounds in your cart
  • 15% off when 4 or more quarter pounds are in your cart

I also appreciate the fact that they have a note below it saying that the particular discount you’ll be eligible for will actually be applied at the checkout. However, what’s kind of a bummer is that these only apply to marijuana flowers and not to their other products.


The company also has a rewards page or tab on its menu. Clicking on it will redirect you to the proper rewards page, where you get to view information about how you can earn rewards, how you can redeem points, where you can use them, etc.

It’s great to have these types of programs, if you ask me, as this will be the primary source of people or customers coming back.

I wouldn’t say and label it as scamming people because they really give out these promos for these particular products. However, it could be misleading, especially if people don’t read.

CW’s policy does not very much detail what to do in instances where people complain about not getting what they want. However, as consumers, it is our responsibility to be vigilant and resourceful in doing so.

Overall Ranking:

My overall ranking for the prices, rates, and discounts offered by Cheap Weed would be a 7 out of 10. Even if their rewards and promotional offers are only limited to marijuana flowers, you will find it difficult to find and locate a company as giving as them.

They offer rewards, yes, but it is also imperative to ensure that the products you’ll be getting are worth the value you’re paying them for.

News and Information

Pretty much the company is trying its best to give its clients and customers the value they think they deserve. Other customers would think of this as unnecessary, but the vast majority of people, especially those who are new to the industry, will say that these are all helpful.

As of writing, the news and information tab on the menu is outdated. The last update was posted in October of 2022. This is a problem because the cannabis world has undergone multiple changes and has shifted a few things over the past few months.

Should this be updated, then there’ll be little-to-no problems when dealing with any information within the website.

Overall Ranking:

I rate their information or blog page a 3 out of 10. Besides the fact that it’s outdated, the majority of the pieces and articles are virtually irrelevant. Try not to waste your time. Sincerely, you can look at other sources if you’re trying to find out better and more accurate information about cannabis.

Contact Page

Contact Us pages are designed to help, guide, and assist people who are looking for more information about certain aspects of your business. Now, many of you would think that the “contact us” page is irrelevant when, in fact, they’re not.

Take Cheap Weed, for example. Without their contact page, people will be lost not knowing who to contact or where to go in case they have questions that are left unanswered by the FAQs.

It’s like having a website without having people on the backup in case things don’t go your way.

The only thing that I thought went wrong with their contact page is that it is exactly like the FAQ page, except for the email address they’ve placed at the top of the page.

Ideally, dispensaries or retail websites, in general, must have a contact page that has a form that the customer or client can fill out. This creates the urgency that customers are looking for in a store. Cheap Weed does not have one. They only have an email address displayed when you click on contact.

Overall Ranking:

I would give this a 0 out of 10. It’s not helpful at all. On the homepage, you’ll already be able to see their email address. What’s this page for, then? It’s a wasted page, and it’s not something that can enhance the experience of the user or customer.

Cheap Weed Reviews

Lastly, their reviews. As people, we always want to see what other people think of a certain subject or topic before we try it out ourselves, right? The same thing goes for online dispensaries.

Cheapweed has a lot of avenues for their reviews. They have on-site reviews as well as external reviews. When I found out about them a few years back, they only had their in-store or on-site reviews. This was because they were not known yet and people only left reviews on their site. Now, though, they have external reviews scattered!

We’ll tackle them and see what other people think about them!

Reddit Reviews

A bunch of Reddit reviews points to cheap weed as a scam. Many of them are actually on the same side, whereas they say they’ll take orders, give trash products — sometimes, even none —and will halt the orders or ship them to a different address.

Dana Larsen, a prominent Canadian cannabis activist, posted on Twitter a few years back that cheap weed is using his address and that people think he is the one scamming people.

People are accusing me of ripping them off.

It’s a hassle to everyone, even Dana, who has been actively contributing to the cannabis community for almost a decade now.

Other than this, high-club consumers or those who order in bulk or wholesale, as well as those that purchase premium items, say that their money was put to waste even when they ordered upwards of $500.

You know, to be frank, I would have said the same thing. Their premium products were good, but after the first two (2) orders I made, I don’t know what happened. They could just be after the money, I don’t know. What I do know is the fact that they haven’t provided hundreds of customers what they were supposed to get.

Trust Pilot Reviews

When it comes to cannabis and dispensaries, Trust Pilot has been one of the go-to websites of people, especially those that want to get a real sense of what they are about to order.

I checked Trust Pilot, and I was not surprised. The vast majority of reviews are real, pointing towards the company to be a scam or a fake. There are too few fake reviews that have given 5-star ratings, but they’re countable.

What consumers or customers were talking about in Trust Pilot revolved around the following topics:

  • Receiving bad-quality weed
  • Not getting their orders (either correctly or not getting anything at all)
  • Getting orders but with mold and mildew
  • Bad, disgusting customer service
  • Comments warning people how shady CW is

Their overall Trustpilot rating? 3.5 out of 5. It is still a decent and good rating considering the hassle and the problems they’ve given hundreds of consumers.

Cheap Weed Website Reviews

When I saw reviews from both of these websites, I immediately knew that they had fake reviews on their page. Most of the reviews don’t have names, and, therefore, there’s no specific pinpointing of fingers to who that really is.

Most of the comments there pertain to Emma CW or the customer service rep, saying how she was helpful with their concerns. Others were posting positive reviews about the quality of the product.

There were a few comments that slipped, saying that the company had horrible customer service, that guaranteed shipping is not true, etc.

Overall Ranking:

I don’t know about you, but I usually go with my gut feeling, and what my gut feeling told me was to never get any product from Cheap Weed ever again. Reviews? I rate it a 10 out of 10. They’re excellent in providing customer information about the REAL quality of Cheap Weed and how much evidence there is to support their claims.

Just to reiterate, I am not a person who is trying to push or pull you farther from Cheapweed. I know a bunch of other major processing facilities that can take your orders and give you the correct products you’re looking for.

Based on the mountain of reviews and feedback, I would be saying this: buyer, beware! Check out reviews first and ensure you don’t spend a lot, so you don’t get disappointed.

Save yourself from empty boxes, incorrect tracking number instances, and disgusting or bad customer service, and find alternatives. Alternatives

If you’re looking for cannabis dispensaries that have positive reviews, real customer service, and a concrete loyal customer base, here are a few dispensaries to take note of:

West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis (WcCannabis) Winner — Best Online Cannabis Store

West Coast Cannabis has been and still is one of the best online dispensary options to have in the country. They have soaring-high reviews about the quality of their products as well as the level of customer service they provide.

Here you can read my personal experience with them: WcCannabis Review.

Like many other dispensaries, West Coast Cannabis, or Wccannabis, for short, has a wide array of products under its belt. They have marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, edibles, and other accessories, too!

They have been my go-to dispensary, and their web domain is saved on all my browsers.

You can never go wrong in choosing West Coast Cannabis if you want premium-quality service and top-shelf weed all in one place!


BudLyft_Best Online Weed Dispensary With a Large Menu

Next on my list of the best of the best is BudLyft. The name “BudLyft” was coined because the team behind them wanted to make people feel like they were just talking to their “buddy.”

Here is a complete review of BudLyft.

They have a library of marijuana flowers, buds, and pre-rolls that are perfectly curated. In addition to that, their concentrates and edibles will surely fire you up, too!

I love how their website is built because it is so easy on the eyes, and I never needed to have a second look to ensure that my orders were correct. They have this SUPER SALE program where you can get 1 oz for just $10! BudLyft regularly updates its menu and categories as well.

Be swift, though! BudLyft has tens of thousands of customers, making the majority of their quality products out of stock most of the time!

Haute Health

Haute Health Runner-Up

If you’re more so into medicinal cannabis, Haute Health will be your best choice. Haute Health is a company that has been dedicated to providing superior-quality of medical marijuana to smokers and patients in Canada.

Their sleek-looking website, partnered with excellent customer service, is the perfect recipe for a good session and an unmatchable experience!

One of the highlights of Haute Health is their VIP program, where you can get a chance to access their “secret menu” or their “hidden catalog” filled with tons of surprises!

Get the best deals and interact with the most skilled and highly-experienced budtenders in the industry!

Grow House Online Dispensary

And last, but most definitely not least, is The Grow House Online. Some people accuse them of scamming people, but my experience tells me otherwise. I’ve had an experience with them where I got the wrong order, and Canada Post reports that it is correct. They immediately sent out a replacement, and that was one of the best gestures I’ve ever received.

The Grow House is a hub for some of the unique and exotic strains you will rarely find in the standard market.

They have shrooms, hash, shatter, and even edibles that are absolutely difficult to find! Not to mention the level of support that they offer is world-class, too!

Those are my top four (4) dispensary GTA options. Never have I ever had an empty box experience from them —in fact, it’s the other way around!


Cheap Weed is not a mystery any longer, and, to be completely frank, I would want to see a total overhaul of their business model before I order again. Nevertheless, I’ve collected a few of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about them: Trust Pilot Reviews

If you would take a look at the collective of reviews or has on Trust Pilot, you’ll be surprised at how bad they are really. I almost feel like the 3.5 rating they have is decently high compared to the real results they hold.

One review said that he emailed them and never got a response back.

I emailed CW yesterday to see if it was an honest mistake until I just gave up because they aren’t a legal business anyway.

Is Legal?

Unfortunately, Cheap Weed is not a registered online dispensary in the country. Although they say they are, their virtues and their service does not reflect what they’re claiming.

Does Offer Guaranteed Shipping?

According to their website, yes, they offer guaranteed shipping. Furthermore, they also claim and say that they offer replacement packages. However, people who ordered recently are now complaining that they don’t get any of those when they contact Cheap Weed.

The Verdict

Cheapweed could really offer “cheap weed,” but are they worth it? Don’t give into reviews you’ll encounter online, as most of those are fake reviews. Be sure to read and believe reviews that came from honest reviewers and consumers like me like us.

Nevertheless, Cheapweed has loyal customers who continue to be satisfied with their services. However, the mountain of bad reviews they’ve gotten should be relevant today as a form of proof of their business.

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