Cannawholesalers Review 2023: Are They Perfect Online Dispensary For You?

For this Cannawholesalers review, I’ll discuss every essential information you need to know about them. We’ll discover whether they’re a reputable online store you can trust with your cannabis products or if they’re just another scam.

To sum up, what we’ll be covering, we’ll go through the following:

  • Cannawholesalers Product Variety and Options.
  • Mix and Match Deals, Discounts, and Coupon Codes Options.
  • Shipping and Delivery.
  • Dispensary Reviews and Feedback.

Who are Cannawholesalers?

Cannawholesalers, or Canna Wholesalers, whatever you want to call them, is a Canadian online dispensary made up of talented cannabis growers who want to provide the best quality products at the best prices in the country.

They take pride in the fact that all their buds are locally-grown, spanning from the innermost parts of BC to the farthest edges of it.

Our ultimate goal is to serve you better as a customer.”

According to them, people around them have high expectations of what they’re able to produce. Moreover, their business is both a retail and wholesale dispensary, supporting those who are buying bulk or just a few.

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Are they really what they say they are? Would you believe that they are the best cannabis wholesale dispensary in this region of the country?

Cannawholesalers Review 2023: Read Before You Buy Weed Online!

What did I tell you? I won’t give you irrelevant information —the only information you’ll be able to use as customers of Cannawholesalers. So, without further ado, let’s head right to the good stuff!

Cannawholesalers Site Review: Bright Colors and Easy Navigation

Let’s start discussing the website because why not? I mean, that’s the first thing you’ll see when you try to access and shop from them, right?

I would say that their website is structured and appropriately engineered to the extent that every piece of information is easy on the eyes. You really won’t get bombarded with information like “how you don’t want it,” but their homepage alone is already more than enough to supply you with the things you need to get going.

Cannawholesalers’ website is engineered and structured just right with the perfect font colors, sizes, and even placement on each of the panels and areas present.

You’ll find and see what you would most likely expect from a cannabis dispensary homepage —and that includes their awards as a business or an online dispensary, the best products they have, product categories, and a fully-optimized menu to help and guide you with navigation.

Overall Rating:

I’d give their website a 9 out of 10. The site takes pride in its bright and easy colors, the font style’s readability, and the constant dynamic media that scrolls from left to right.

Never have I been bored when I go to their page to see if they have the strains I was looking for.

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Product Selection and Variety: Choose From 250+ Products!

How many products does your go-to online dispensary have to start with? A lot of you would say 100+. Although it’s most likely accurate, I really don’t mind it when I decide to buy weed online.

For me, the amount or the number of products that an online dispensary has does not have any relation to the quality they serve. Take my experience as an example. I always choose a dispensary that:

  • It uses Canada Post as its courier and delivery service
  • Has 200+ products under their belt that they offer their clients

I once chose a dispensary with this, and I have yet to receive my order. I did get a refund, but that was after I sent a bunch of emails. So I guess the lowest prices and the most products won’t always mean you’ll get what you want, right?

Cannawholesalers is a company proud of what they have to offer its clientele. With over 250 total products, you’ll get the perfect strain and cannabis product you’re looking for.


Let’s start off with the menu. The menu itself is self-explanatory. They have a Shop, Flowers, Concentrates, Edibles, CBD, and Mushrooms. Clicking on Shop will redirect you to their store’s general, uncategorized page. This will be where you’ll know and find out how many total products they have. As I said, they’re uncategorized.

However, if you are more straightforward and you already know what you want to get, you can click and select the category directly. For instance, under Flowers, you’ll see budget ounces or cheap ounces, hybrid, indica, and sativa; for Concentrates, you can choose from budder, oils, shatter, live resin, etc. —you get the point.

As part of the menu, they also have Current Deals, and it’s where you can see great deals such as free gifts, clearance overstock, loyalty points and programs, and many more! Enjoy the lowest prices from this reputable online store and wholesale dispensary!

Product Quantity

Now, when I say product quantity, I don’t mean a complete bulk of flowers and smoke that differ in type. But, as a matter of fact, it’s the overall amount or quantity of products you can get from them.

Whether you’re looking for the same strain in different grades or if you just want to check and see what type of offers and strains they have, you can do so!

You can get a big order so long as the dispensary has the buds or the strains where you want to put your money!

Overall Rating:

I personally don’t get the point of a dispensary having thousands of products under its belt when some of those just won’t get sold. Instead, they’ll stale, appear old, and the next person will definitely leave a bad review.

For me, the product variety and amount that Canna Wholesalers have available is fine. In fact, I’m impressed by the fact that their products are mostly getting sold out —they’ve carefully studied the market and never went beyond what they know they couldn’t sell.

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Cannabis Quality and Package Appeal

Let’s talk about quality. Of course, we don’t want our products to be flimsy and low-quality, right? I mean, it’ll be a lot better to just drive up to the nearest dispensary to get what you’re looking for.

With Cannawholesalers, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve read and seen a mix of good and bad reviews about the quality. I didn’t have high expectations, but the first order from them was a good kickstart.

My first order from them was an ounce of the Double Purple Doja and Death Tuna. I liked Death Tuna more in terms of potency and effects. But the light purple appearance of the Doja was what impressed me the most. I believe that this was due to very cold temperatures when it underwent the growing phase, which is one of the best skills a cannabis grower could have.

From then on, I knew that the bag or package appeal that Cannawholesalers had was the deal. All their buds had excellent pigment stimulation, the smell or aroma upon unboxing was perfect, and the texture and compression of each bud were on-point.

You will literally be able to picture your next order and how it will look like!

Overall Rating:

I would say that I was impressed with the quality of their products, not to mention that they have a variety of unique and exotic concentrates, such as the Vancouver Island and Mercedes Hash.

What this simply means is that they are equipped with a strain selection that you would find difficult —even impossible, sometimes to find in other dispensaries.

Shipping and Delivery: Canada Post Shipping

When it comes to shipping, Cannawholesalers don’t leave out relevant information. According to them, they make use of Canada Post to give customers and clients the best prices possible for delivery.

The reviews I read and found about their shipping were mostly positive, and when I experienced it for myself, I thought they were all true. Cannawholesalers puts a decent premium on the caliber of their fulfillment by providing the best possible solutions.

I was neither disappointed nor felt required to ask for more because it was clearly what I asked for.

My package came a day later than the tracking number, but it was good. It was packaged and sealed appropriately, and the Mercedes Hash I ordered, along with the OG Kush, was evidently premium. I remember, during that time, opening the box was everything I could think of.

Overall Rating:

I have to give the dispensary credit due when it comes to their stuff. Their shipping and delivery service was smooth —in fact, even smoother than most dispensaries in Canada.

After my payment was posted, I immediately received the tracking and shipping information without all the crap that would usually be involved with it.

Customer Experience: Does Customer Satisfaction Matter to Them?

I would say that not all dispensaries would have employees and staff members that are tokers. However, my time with their customer service was more of an “ordering and shipping” type of transaction rather than the “what should I get” type of transaction.

Their chat support team was prompt and urgent; there’s no doubt about that. They were also knowledgeable about their processes like they were the ones doing it —no lie.

The only thing I would say they could improve on would be their product knowledge. I’m not saying that they’re not knowledgeable, neither am I saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about, but more profound and crucial things actually need more attention.

Overall Rating:

The team had, and I believe, still can help me with my concerns, so I’m giving them a solid 8 out of 10. I wouldn’t rely on them for underground information about cannabis, though.

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Prices and Rates: Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Free Shipping

Who are we kidding? We will not buy from a store or retailer, or dispensary if their rates and prices are higher than what we expect, right? It’s the same for everything —in almost every aspect where we need to spend money, we significantly consider the price of what we’re getting or buying.

Canna wholesalers, as a whole, offer cheap and affordable options for the cannabis products that you need. You don’t need to wait for things to become cheap; they’re automatically enjoyable the way they’re priced!

However, their entire strain selection is not cheap. They have premium buds that are top-shelf and high-caliber that will make you question your habits. So kidding aside, they’re also promoting a few of their premium and high-quality strains.

You’ll find a ton of different offers and definitely the value for what you’re paying for. In Canada, I can say that they truly have one of the best prices out of all the different options there are.

Check their offers out here!

Overall Rating:

Their overall pricing is cheap, especially when you compare them to other dispensaries. However, they also have a premium bud category, which is not part of the budget ounce category that you could be attached to.

Reviews and Feedback: Are They Legit?

Last but most definitely not least would be the collection of reviews people had for them. From the caliber or the quality of their products to their tiered selection, customers found no other room for improvement.

There have been tons of reviews and feedback from the ever-effective RedditTrust Pilot, and even on their site. The reviews they have were a mix of good and bad —some for medium-sized orders, while some for big orders.

Nevertheless, I never found a shady review like how other scam sites would be.

Overall Rating:

I would say that the cannabis community did a pretty good job in detailing their reviews for this dispensary. They were able to showcase their own thoughts, opinions, and their ideas toward Cannawholesalers.

My experience with them was excellent. I couldn’t complain. Maybe the only thing was their rates and prices. They had a few coupon code selections, their free gifts were not that many and quantifiable, but they offered free shipping for $250+ orders, as well as mix & match flowers and buds as well.


Have some more questions? Don’t worry, and we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about them!

Does Canna Wholesalers Allow Order Cancelation?

Orders that you’ve paid are no longer eligible for cancelation. However, if a checkout remains unpaid for about 48 hours, it will automatically be removed.

What Payment Methods Do Cannawholesalers Accept?

As of writing, Cannawholesalers only accept Bitcoin and Interac E-Transfers as payment. However, don’t ever miss this fact because they would have no POS to process card payments.

Are Online Cannawholesalers Reviews Legit?

Yes, the majority of clients leave the best and the most honest reviews about the dispensary. Some say that there have been worse MoM dispensaries out there, but for me? I think they’re one of the best.

Does Cannawholesalers Have Exotic Weed?

Absolutely! The dispensary takes pride in the exotic weed and concentrates they have. These include the ever-famous Mercedes Hash, OG Kush, and Afghani Hash, as well as others within the same bracket!

Final Verdict

I know that this Cannawholesalers review will be more than enough for you to decide whether this online dispensary is a good place for you to get the cannabis products you’re looking for or not!

Another thing I can guarantee is that in your entire life, you’ll never have to worry about where you can get quality buds and deals ever again!

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