Canna Society Reviews 2023: legit?

A lot of Canna Society reviews are scattered online with varying opinions and thoughts about the topic. Being the cannabis enthusiast I am, I wanted to contribute to the industry. So, I went for it myself and found out what the dispensary is about!

This review will cover the following:

  • Canna Society Online Dispensary Background, History, and Profile.
  • Product Variation, Selection, and Quality.
  • Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Price Points.
  • Shipping and Delivery.

Right before we jump to this Canna Society review, let us first try to check and find out who Canna Society is and how it came about in the cannabis industry!

About Canna Society Online Dispensary

The Canna Society is this online dispensary that has been built and established because of the collective idea they have about the medicinal and medically-inclined effects of marijuana.

Referring to themselves as TCS, The Canna Society online dispensary is made up of individuals who have one goal —to provide the best BC bud to people all over the country.

That as well as ensures that you get an extensive experience when you shop for weed at the best, lowest, and most affordable prices you can get them for —all without sacrificing top-shelf marijuana quality!

Over the years, they were able to nurture the cannabis community, transforming everyone’s lives, especially when it comes to viewing the product.

2023 Canna Society Reviews — Can You Trust The Brand?

This review won’t be biased simply because I don’t consider them my go-to. Moreover, I was able to order from them a few times. So, I’ll be enumerating all my experiences with them based on how they were able to provide their services and products.

Website Quality and Ease of Navigation

The first thing I want to discuss with you is their website because what is the first piece of information you’ll see before purchasing from them? Their website.

To be brutally frank with you, their website is not that exciting. It’s simplistic, convenient, and loads fast, but it does not have anything attractive, unlike what other online dispensaries have in place.

The colors are monotonous, and you’ll actually feel sleepy if you’re just trying to browse. Nevertheless, it is simple and quite effective in making sure that you get what you’re looking for.

Menu and Category Selection

Let’s start with the menu. Their menu is plain-looking but readable. On mobile, it’s a dropdown list on the top left part of the webpage. It displays all the different areas within the website, shop, bulk, SALE, rewards, and affiliate, and they are about sections.

At the top-right, you’ll see a link to their Contact Us and FAQs, as well as their Instagram profile.

If I were to score it out of 10, 10 being the highest, I’d give it a solid nine because of how it’s properly structured. So it’s designed in such a way that customers will easily be able to find what they’re looking for!

Dynamic Content

The changing photos or the dynamic content that their website has is something that’s also alluring because you will get to see the promotions, discounts, and coupon codes that they have currently available.

It’s safe to say that their website is above average, considering the fact that it’s easily accessible and fast, and it does not have pop-ups that would force you to be redirected to a specific page.

Product Library and Selection

Let us now discuss the selection of items and products they have to offer. When you click on SHOP, it will redirect you to their storefront. This category contains all the available products under their belt.

The only comment I have with it would be the fact that it’s not categorized right then and there. It’s messy, and it could be significantly improved.

That’s the only thing, though. Many people still find it nice because they can see everything on a single page, but if it’s more labeled and categorized, you can find it easier and simpler to navigate.

Filter Button

They answer this dilemma by placing a Filter button at the top of the page. This button will give you the categories you’re looking for. Each of them has subsets or subcategories; for cannabis, you can choose from hybrid, sativa, or Indica-dominant strain options, top shelf, $99 ounces, etc.

You’ll also be able to check out the categories for concentrates, edibles, shrooms, and for items that are in sale!

Sold Out

This is one of the biggest problems all dispensaries face. Being a popular and prominent online dispensary, many of Canna Society’s products are marked and labeled as SOLD OUT.

Under sold-out products, they put, please check back for restock to let people know that they are working on refilling the slots or the stocks back up.

I contacted and spoke to their support team, and according to them, refilling of stocks usually happens in 1 week, two weeks at the max.

Product Quality

Like I always say, you won’t really know the quality of a dispensary’s products until the time you check it for yourself or when you purchase multiple products for them.

So far, the items I purchased from Canna Society have been great. They have excellent bag appeal, and they did not turn me off when I took them out of the packaging.

They claim to be the “best BC bud” in all of the countries, and they try and stick to that as much as they can.

The dispensary might not have a great selection of cannabis products, but they keep it to the point that all of what they offer are high-quality weed or weed variants.

Names and Descriptions

What Canna Society has that is actually impressive would be the labels and the names of their products, especially for flowers.

For one, the cannabis flowers they offer contain complete and necessary information from the shop front page alone. These include:

  • Under what category they’re in
  • If they’re AAAA strains
  • The strain name
  • Whether they’re part of the $99 ounce or less than $150 ounces
  • Real image or photo

These descriptions are massively helpful, especially to customers who are not used to buying weed or those who are doing it for the first time.

Discounts, Promos, and Free Shipping

Canna Society offers free shipping for products that are beyond the $ 200 mark. Yes, you read that right; if your purchase is north of $200, you can get your items without paying shipping and handling fees.

Apart from that, you will also admire and love that they offer discounts for bulk or wholesale purchases and orders.

Bulk Weed Discounts

The dispensary has a bulk or wholesale menu; it is where you can get the items they have and can offer in bulk. For instance, they have a Lemon Diesel AAA strain labeled $69 ounces.

You can buy this in 14 grams, 28 grams, 0.25 lbs, 0.5 lbs, and even for a pound!

Comparing them to other dispensaries, their bulk weed discounts are not as extensive as others. Moreover, they’re really not a wholesale type of business, and, therefore, they won’t have a massive list of wholesale products.

Cheap Ounces

Their cheap ounces are really affordable and cheap, though, I must say. They have ounces that are for $69 that are already premium quality, and they have $100 or less ounces.

You don’t need a coupon code, and you will feel like purchasing a giveaway!

What I like about them is that they don’t sacrifice quality for the price. Instead, they maintain it to the extent that customers will have an excellent quality and likeness experience.

Coupon Code Availability

They are different from the type of online dispensary that will offer you a coupon or discount code. However, they have a unique rewards system where you can earn money or in-store points if you do a Canna Society review on various platforms.

This extensive experience allows their customers to refer a friend easily, convince other users and tokers to consider them, etc.

The primary platforms where you can perform your review could be and Reddit (r/CanadianMOM or r/MOMpics subreddits). You can also post a video review of it and send it directly to them and see what they have to offer when you do!

Packaging, Shipping, and Delivery

In my experience, I have never encountered a dispensary that goes the extra mile like how Canna Society does it. I mean, in my first order, I was surprised I didn’t get regular packaging even though I didn’t tick any option!

The company actually packages, ships, and distributes all orders discreetly using Canada Post XpressPost Shipping.

All orders are shipped via smell-proof packaging and are sent discreetly using Canada Post Xpresspost with a tracking number.

Generally, they tell their clients that their orders will arrive within two (2) to five (5) business days from the date of purchase, but that still depends on your location.

For me, I didn’t have to wait more than two days when I ordered on a Monday and about four days during the weekends. Their great service is something I didn’t overlook as I actually craved it from other dispensaries.

They have a decent fulfillment process compared to other dispensaries I’ve encountered! So while their timeframe isn’t perfect, it’s not very far from what they tell you to expect!

Cut-Off Time

Their cut-off time is extremely convenient, and it’s true. Most dispensaries don’t actually follow theirs, but with Canna Society, orders placed within 10 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) will be shipped on literally the same day. I even had a time when I was talking to support, and it was 10:11 AM, and they still sent it on that day.

This type of extra mile is what gets me as a customer.

Customer Service

Their support team is definitely commendable. All their representatives are knowledgeable, especially when it comes to the science and the connection of cannabis to people’s health.

Apart from general cannabis information, their support team also has a combined experience of 20+ years in the world of cannabis. So, if you have any questions about your order, want to find out how to earn points, or want to know more information about your next order, they are absolutely helpful.

Safety and Security

When I say safety and security, I mean how your data is managed, stored, and used. I’ve encountered dispensaries where I just receive random emails and text messages from institutions I have no idea of, and I just remember that I recently gave my personal contact information to them.

Sometimes it’s valuable, but other times, it’s extremely annoying. I even received a random text message about a coupon code from a random dispensary saying that I was eligible for their loyalty rewards program even though I have NEVER been a customer!

Canna Society does not give you that specific type of headache, so don’t worry! They ensure that your information is kept safe and private! It’s true that their main goal is to provide high-quality BC bud options to customers because they don’t do all of these nonsense problems!

Overall Rating

I would say that my experience with the Canna Society has been one of the lightest and most pleasant. I’ve never had a negative experience with them, especially when it comes to quality and fulfillment.

Every transaction is like a first order; they really give the quality you’re looking for and the one that you deserve!


I present to you the most frequently and most commonly asked questions about the Canna Society online dispensary.

Is Canna Society Online Dispensary a Legit One?

Yes, Canna Society is a company that is legit and has been commended by many of its customers for the stable, consistent, and holistic quality they have as a brand. As a result, more than half of their customers return and buy again, not only because of the selection of products they have but also because of competitive rates, good deals, and professional customer service.

Does Canna Society Accept Affiliates?

The Canna Society business accepts affiliates, and, in fact, they are promoting it. So when you go into their website and select their Affiliate program, you’ll be able to see the traits and benefits of being one.

Final Verdict

The Canna Society, or the TCS, as how they like to be addressed, has been one of the fastest and longest-running dispensaries that offer quality AAAA strains, even better ones.

Don’t settle for other Canna Society reviews you’ll come across online, and instead, take this as the foundation you’re looking for in finding the best weed that could give value for what you’re paying for.

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