BuyMyWeedOnline Reviews 2023: – Is it Legit?

I know the feeling of scouring through many different BuyMyWeedOnline reviews, especially in the past years. But, in case you didn’t know, their site got hacked for a while, and it wasn’t just a few years back when they regained control over it.

We’ll talk more about that in the latter part of this guide! For now, let’s go ahead and check out the dispensary’s profile and business background!

BuyMyWeedOnline (BMWO) Company Profile

The dispensary likes to label itself as someone that’s “not just your regular cannabis dispensary.” According to the company, their unparalleled experience, skill, and overall dedication to the craft are what sets them apart from other dispensaries.

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Their goal is none other than to produce both medicinal and recreational marijuana that is of the best and highest quality. Some of the more concrete factors and characteristics they advertise include, but are not limited to:

  • 100% privacy and confidentiality on your orders
  • 50+ years of combined experience in the cannabis industry
  • Commitment to quality and innovation
  • Positive attitude toward customer experience

The team claims that their entire staff is made up of people who have been on the front end of the legalization movement of weed in Canada. They’re a group of Canadians who were just waiting for the right time!

Is BuyMyWeedOnline Legit?

Yes, ByMyWeedOnline, or BMWO, for short, is a legitimate online dispensary. The misconception about them being a scam was due to the hack that happened a few years back.

2018 was the year when their fame rose, but on the 20th of September 2020, a Redditor with the handle windpad4sale posted that Buy My Weed Online sells their customers’ information or they’ve been hacked.

Fast-forward to today, the company has sold flower, concentrate, and even edible categories to many people, some of which seem satisfied. Some people still said they lost money simply by working with them, but they were only at the minimum.

BuyMyWeedOnline Reviews: Comprehensive Mail-Order Marijuana (MoM) Guide

For this guide, I’m going to give my experience when I tried to purchase weed online from them directly. Now, please take note that my experience might be different from what others have, so don’t take this against me!

Website Quality: Simple and Straightforward

The website is pretty simple and straightforward. There aren’t a lot of things that would put you off-course, especially since they are a pretty solid and knowledgeable team of growers and enthusiasts.

Upon reaching their homepage, you’ll immediately be welcomed by what they have to offer, as well as the menu of their products. The categories and links of the menu include:

  • Shop All
  • Promotions
  • Flower
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • CBD
  • Tinctures & Topicals
  • Shrooms
  • Accessories
  • FAQ

NOTE: If you’re looking for a specific strain, you can utilize the search bar, which is placed above the menu. Otherwise, you can click on Shop All or Flower and take it from there.

Cannabis Products Variety: Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Variety-wise, the website has many different weed products and variation. Among the best and most sought-after strains or products would be their Master Yoda and Death Bubba. So I ordered them and, boy, was I buzzed!

Both the Death Bubba and Master Yoda have been hailed as one of the best strains they have. From the taste, smell, physical attributes, and even potency, you’ll never have problems with them.

Although the cost of these premium buds was more than half of what you can get for other products (other strains), the potent effects and atmosphere will bring you around again.

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Product Quality: Buy My Weed Online Sells Premium, High-Quality Weed

Is Buy My Weed Online really a mail-order marijuana (MoM) service that only has low-quality buds? Or is this all a hoax? To start, quality is subjective. Some people might say that the product quality of a particular item is excellent, but another person might say it’s terrible.

My own gut tells me that the dispensary has much to offer. They’re trying their best to get back in the game by providing premium top-shelf cannabis for rates and prices you won’t find elsewhere.

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Customer Support: Good Customer Service

Customer service is one factor that makes a company good to great. The dispensary has this chatbot at the bottom-right part of its webpage. It’s mostly automated, but the support is actually backed and monitored by a real person.

Other than their chat capability, you can also navigate to Contact Us and write an email about what you want clarifications on. Simply write your name, email address, the subject, and the message you want to send out.

Twitter is another platform they use to communicate and exchange words with their customers.

I would say that their support team could be better by having a “REAL LIVE” person to answer the chat box rather than being automated. There’s a lot of possibility of help and assistance that’s just going to waste.

Shipping and Delivery: Fast Canada Post Shipping

Buy My Weed Online is one of the few dispensaries that actually offer Xpress Envelopes to package the orders of clients. The packaging is discreet, and it won’t have any label of it being a marijuana or cannabis product.

Delivery time will depend on your exact location in the country. Buy My Weed Online makes use of XpressPost, making your packages reach you in just up to four (4) business days.

Overall Verdict

For me, I would give BuyMyWeedOnline a rating of 8.5 out of 10, of course, after the fact that their site or store got hacked. The website is easy enough to understand, and people don’t necessarily have to be extremely picky with their weed.

I liked the service, the value for money, and the overall experience I’ve had with them. They could improve on giving discounts and coupons, customer service, and investing in safer and more secure packaging.

BuyMyWeedOnline Unboxing

Among my favorites were their CBD Jelly Bombs and their G13 (AAAA) or quads. These have been based on my overall opinion of the company.

G13 (Quads)

I got the 7 grams of G13, and I paid for a little over $60 for it. It lasted for almost two weeks, and it was awesome. I’ve found only a few reviews about it, but it was the bomb.

This was what I chose because I was caught up with work, and I needed time to relax. When I unboxed it, the smell covered the atmosphere, and I was hooked and pulled to try it immediately.

The packaging was how they described it, safe and secure but not as discreet as other online dispensaries.

CBD Jelly Bombs (Twisted Extracts)

The next product I unboxed from their store was the CBD Jelly Bombs. It wasn’t a flower nor a concentrate —they were edibles, and they came in two (2) flavors, peach and pineapple.

I felt that this was more secure than the flower. When I unboxed it, the smell of peach and pineapple was subtle, and upon consumption, the stress I was experiencing was thrown away.


Still have questions about the company or its fulfillment process? Don’t worry; I tried gathering the questions that I was expecting tokers would ask!

Is Buy My Weed Online a Scam?

No, they’re not. I actually thought of them as a scam, too, especially since they haven’t been in business in the past few years, but as of the time of writing, they’re legit. I know people who ordered from them recently, and they didn’t have anything against the dispensary; it was the other way around as they catered to their clients’ needs wonderfully!

Are BuyMyWeedOnline Reviews Reliable?

Yes and no —let me explain.

I said yes simply because of the fact that most of the people who sent and wrote feedback on various platforms are real. They simply said those things as a response to what they experienced from BMWO.

No, because ever since the company restored control over its website and business, they’ve been trying to make up for their customers. Their new and improved website access is now safer and more secure.

The Bottom Line

A lot of times, we rely on reviews to match and ease our anxiety, especially when it comes to doing business. So it’s good practice to do so, especially if you’re dealing with a company you need to learn or become familiar with.

With this dispensary, you don’t have to check on multiple sources. Avoid going through multiple BuyMyWeedOnline reviews, and treat this as your one and only source for it! We’ve tried and tested it, and it’s somewhat acceptable!

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