Bulk Buddy Review 2023: Are They the Best For $99 Ounces?

I recall the time when I was the one looking for a Bulk Buddy review. I’ve read and seen many reviews about them having good price ranges and experienced staff members, but I needed to be more contented.

So, what would a toker do if he’s burdened by indecisiveness? He orders. This was years back, 2018, as far as I remember, and whenever I buy weed online —particularly bulk or wholesale weed, I consider them my go-to.

My review will cover everything that you need to know about Bulk Buddy; and no — I won’t go over stuff that won’t be of use to you! Particularly, our review today will cover the following:

  • Bulk Buddy History
  • Their Website or Online Store
  • Product Quality, Like the Smell, Taste, Etc.
  • Customer Service and Delivery
  • Rates, Prices, Discounts, and Coupon Codes

Who is Bulk Buddy?

Bulk Buddy is one of those Canadian online dispensaries that has been a household name for the past few years. They are this highly-qualified, reliable, and trustworthy cannabis dispensary that took the industry by storm as they offered low-priced cannabis wholesale products.

The company takes pride in its three (3) pillars of service:

  • Highest Quality of Products
  • Discreet Packaging for Protection and Security; and
  • Secure Purchasing Through SSL Encryption and Multiple Barriers

Bulk Buddy made its name to be the real “buddy” you have when it comes to cannabis products like this. They carry their banner from the presentability of their items, taste, and even down to the quality of smoke you’ll get!

Can You Really Buy Weed Online in Canada?

Before we go through this any further, I’d like to reiterate Canadians’ eligibility to purchase weed through an online store. So, to answer the question, yes, you can buy marijuana or cannabis products online, given that the store you’re purchasing it from is authorized and registered.

In addition to that, you also have to take note of your area. For example, some provinces don’t allow cannabis delivery; some cities act the same way, too.

Nevertheless, buying weed online in Canada is allowed! I wouldn’t be able to do so for years if it wasn’t.

Bulk Buddy Review 2023: Can You Trust Them For Your Cannabis Products?

I won’t bore you with details you wouldn’t benefit from, like how those other reviews are structured. Instead, we’ll only focus on the important ones —the good stuff or the things you can use to your advantage.

In my life, I’ve used Bulk Buddy more than five times, and I can tell you how satisfied I was —until now with the service I’ve been getting. Allow me to give you my personal experience in several aspects of the dispensary.

Bulk Buddy’s Site and User Interface

What’s the first thing you’ll notice from a new online store or shop when you visit their website? Their UI or their user interface.

You know what they say, the beauty and presentation of a site reflect the business that a company does —and that can’t be any truer.

Bulk Buddy’s site quality was on-point. They made it easy on the eyes, and the account set-up or registration process was a no-sweat!

Some people also commended the combination of Green, Pink, and Blue and how they complemented the lightweight feeling that the site gives. Unfortunately, their site quality is top-notch, and I can’t argue more with that.

The site even has everything you’ll ever ask for when you access and open their homepage! You’ll see what they’re selling, the currently available deal, their service, active coupons and discounts, and many more!

Huge and Wide Selection of Cannabis Products

Do you believe what most people say about the best stores are the ones that have the most items? That is partly true, but not all the way. So you see, when it comes to cannabis products —they’ll usually get a hit or miss with quality and potency rather than the number of products they have.

I’ve personally tested and tried ordering from multiple stores, and to be frank, not all stores with many offers have the best products. Sometimes, those that are focused on particulars yield the best results.

Nevertheless, Bulk Buddy’s store is vast as they have everything you could be looking for.

Their shop has cannabis flowersbudsconcentratesediblesCBD, and others. You’ll even see new arrivals and best sellers there, too!

You’ll have no question about the number of products you can purchase from them!

Quality Check: Are Their Products Worth It?

Now, the main thing that the majority of people look for in a dispensary would be the quality of the product. Do they have a wide selection of products available? What categories of buds do they have? How many edibles are they able to offer?

All those questions lead to one thing —product quality. Their buds are well connected and categorized, as they’re not mixed up in different strains. Instead, they’re categorized as:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid
  • Weed Grade
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Craft Cannabis Flowers

Apart from their buds, the edibles, concentrates, CBD, and other products are also thrown and displayed for the viewer to be able to see them up upfront!

One thing that was a drawback, though, was their edibles. Their edibles were few, and most of the time, the ones there were sold out. It could be a positive notion, though, that their edibles are all high-quality!

Whenever I open the packaging from Bulk Buddy, I know that the products are fresh. They either just arrived a few weeks, or they’ve been taken care of and maintained in the best possible way.

They were potent, they smelled good, they tasted light, and, not to mention, their offers were incredibly cheap! That brings us to the next point, which is…

Excellent Price Points

The price point of items is what usually turns interested into a sale and vice versa. Now, if we talk about Bulk Buddy’s pricing, several people —enthusiasts and smokers alike, particularly, would tell you that their business is good and that they’re cheap.

Well, those people are the people that only purchase premium products. What about those that rely on $49 to $129 ounces?

To tell you honestly, I’ve tried those, and yes, they gave me a buzz. They were good but not as good as others that are just almost at the same price.

At the time of my purchase, I had a few friends over, and I got the Death Gas, which was $98 an ounce. It was good and strong, but honestly, I would have rather gotten concentrates or edibles to enjoy the moment.

Ordering from them is going to be one of the cheapest you’ll ever do. Don’t believe me? Here are a couple of examples of how their cannabis products are priced:

Their Pink Muerte or their AAA+ Premium Shake/Trim is available for $120 a pound or $200 for two (2) pounds; their 94 Octane AAAA+ Indica is $18 per 3.5 grams or $121 per ounce —you get the point.

Tons of Discounts Available

When we think of discounts, we often relate them to refunds when, in fact, that’s wrong. These dispensaries sell products to make bread, but they help their patrons save money, too.

Right when you open the website, you’ll see that they’re promoting some coupon codes you can use straight and get the discount even before your order has been shipped.

I promised I wouldn’t bore you with things you don’t have to know, but these discounts are the ones worth trying:

  • For first-time orders, you can use BULK5 to get a 5% discount
  • Free Canada-Wide Shipping for $100+ orders

These two (2) are the only active coupon and discount codes offered by Bulk Buddy. Nevertheless, Bulk Buddy has other forms of reward points available:

  • $1 Spent = 1 BB Point
  • 100 BB Points = $1

You can also get BB points by doing the following:

  • Review the Product to get 50 BB Points
  • Refer Bulk Buddy to a friend for 1500 BB Points
  • Review them on Social Media for 1000 BB Points

They Use Canada Post For Delivery

Canada Post is the shipping company they are partners with when it comes to delivery. One thing I love about it is that they offer Free Canada XPressPost shipping if your orders are $100 and above!

The company gives a decent and conservative timeframe of 1 to 3 business days for the package to arrive. In my case, though, I only get it in the middle of the 2nd day, which is fast and reliable.

NOTE: Rural or small-population cities should expect to receive it in up to four (4) business days.

Overall, the package was clean, it was discreet, and it needed no disinfection. It was fresh, and the delivery guys always handed it to me in the best and most careful way possible.

BONUS: Reviews and Feedback

Of course, a lot of you would say, “didn’t you read reviews before you purchased?” “So, you didn’t do research?” Well, to tell you honestly, it took me a week or two (2) before I finally ordered from them.

I saw that subreddit icon and decided to look into the dispensary further —I mean, who wants to spend their money on some random shop, right? And so I did.

People were commenting about how Bulk Buddy is not “Tony” or any other scam site that offered cannabis in Canada. They had comments about it being a regular or average dispensary or whatever, lol. The point is the brand is legit, and the prices they sell their products for are reasonable.

The reviews I saw were a mix of good and bad, and that’s when I thought, “Ahh, they’re a legit dispensary!” From then on, I tested and followed my gut — and I am glad I did.

A lot of guys have been disappointed with some of the Bulk Buddy reviews they’ve read, saying how dishonest and inaccurate they were —my review will be the closest thing to what the site really is.

So, if you are looking for a highly-reliable company that can get you the cannabis products you’ve been looking for, you can never go wrong in choosing Bulk Buddy. I purchase from them from time to time, and I’m rarely disappointed!


Unless you’ve been a long-time customer, you would definitely have a couple of questions packed and ready to be answered.

Is Bulk Buddy Legal?

There isn’t data online that discusses Bulk Buddy being illegal and illicit. Moreover, customers like me shared their positive experiences when they dealt with the dispensary.

Where is Bulk Buddy Located?

Bulk Buddy is a cannabis dispensary located in Canada, and if you were asking where exactly they are, well, safe to say that they’re everywhere. They are able to deliver and ship goods to any province, city, or even small neighborhood in the country!

Does Bulk Buddy Have Peanut Butter Runtz?

As of writing, Bulk Buddy does not have Peanut Butter Runtz in stock. Nevertheless, they sell a wide selection of buds, flowers, and strains that could be close to it or just a bit far!

The Bottom Line

So, is Bulk Buddy the dispensary for you? Were you able to find the cannabis products you’re looking for on their menu? Do you think they’ll deliver the quality you are looking for from a dispensary in Canada?

Whether they have the specific strain or bud you’re looking for or not, try them out! They may not be the best, but you will definitely not regret paying for their products.

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