BudLyft Reviews 2023: Are They Worth It?

Do you want to avoid all the many, unsure different BudLyft reviews you’ve come across and need help getting a real and concrete solution? Don’t worry; I got you covered!

Being a toker and a solid cannabis enthusiast, I can safely say that I’ve had the most affordable prices from them whenever I decide to buy weed online. Whether I need a particular item in retail or wholesale, I’m never disappointed with what I get.

Key Takeaways:

To give you a summary of what to expect, this guide will provide you with a complete and comprehensive outline of the following:

  • Who BudLyft Is.
  • BudLyft Coupon Code Availability and Discounts.
  • Hash, Weed, Edibles, and Magic Mushrooms Selection.
  • Reliability and Accountability of the Shop and Website.

Like how they’re done, I will be outlining this at an angle where my experiences are aligned, so it neither comes off as biased nor one-sided. Instead, this will be an honest and truthful review of BudLyft and how they are as an online dispensary.

Is BudLyft Online Dispensary Legit?

Yes, BudLyft is a mail-order marijuana (MoM) service that intends to provide the best and highest-quality cannabis flower strains and cannabis products without burning a hole in your pocket.

Furthermore, they’re also a business that’s dedicated to providing quality cannabis for medicinal purposes, as well as for recreational use. Their goal would be to have all of your orders coming to you correctly and in the most appropriate form.

At BudLyft, we ensure that every product is carefully delivered and that it will arrive to their valued customers on time.

BudLyft Company History and Background

Before we discuss their overall quality and business, it is crucial to have an idea or two about the company’s history.

To start, BudLyft is a company comprised of commendable individuals that have a great extent of knowledge in the cannabis community and industry. Having a combined experience of 40+ years, the dispensary takes pride in the highest-quality cannabis products you can get at the lowest and most affordable prices you can.

BudLyft’s focus remains on a few things, which they are open about. These are:

  • Providing a hassle-free environment to cannabis consumers, medical users, and enthusiasts
  • Bringing affordable products to the hands of those that want/need them
  • Preventing the spur of overpriced marijuana or CBD products by bringing value to where they should be
  • Continuing to provide excellent customer service is of utmost importance

BudLyft Reviews 2023: The Only One You Need!

Before you start comparing it to other dispensaries, try to seek out and read this online dispensary review first. As someone with an eye for bad and good cannabis, I can tell you (in detail) my experience with BudLyft.

I’m not telling you to either go with them or not trust them; all I’m doing is giving you information on whether you can trust BudLyft if you want to buy weed online.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

BudLyft Website and Pages

The first thing worth checking would be the website proper and the pages they’ve set up.

The first time I saw it, I was not impressed. It looked like just another typical online dispensary site. The colors are average and standard, and the design is modern, like what you would expect it to be.

What made me appreciate it more, though, was when I started scrolling. The homepage was the literal symbol of “everything on one page.” Every product is carefully curated and designed to go on where it should.

All products and information are detailed and listed independently.

You won’t have a hard time understanding the navigation of the site. It’s easy and simple, and you won’t be lost inside it!

It might not be the best and most beautiful website, but functionality and navigation-wise, it’s exceptional.

Wide Array of Cannabis Products

I consider myself a good shopper —an experienced one, per se. So, what I usually consider great stores and shops are those with a wide array of cannabis flower strainscannabis ediblesconcentratesvapes and vape pens, and other accessories.

BudLyft did not disappoint in terms of product variation, so you can check their products out and will be surprised with how they are all set up!

You can check, shop, and view their flowers, CBD productsmagic mushroomswholesale or bulk options, their pre-rolls, combos, packs, and many more! I’ll give you this; you can relax knowing that you can get cannabis for medicinal purposes without scurrying through unwanted options and choices.

Product Quality

Going to product quality, I can say that this was one of the weakest links they had. Yes, they offered AAA to AAAA Flowers, claiming they have the highest standards in choosing products, but they could be better.

Their premium quality products lie just above average compared to other websites like West Coast Cannabis (Wccannabis).

Nevertheless, compared to the 90%+ of dispensaries in Canada, they have superior product quality as they offer the best edibles that carry benefits for chronic pain, stress, and other conditions, as well as flowers that are considered rare, like lemon cookies and white death, among others.

Maybe I’m just too technical regarding marijuana quality and dankness. I don’t know. I felt like the market was open to better and higher-caliber weed based on how much I paid for them.

Talking about rates and prices, we’ll go ahead and discuss the number one thing most of you consider when it comes to choosing a dispensary to work with.

Prices, Rates, and Free Gifts

Let’s not be hypocrites; what is the first thing that you think about and consider when you decide that you want to buy weed online? Let me rephrase that —what is the first question that you ask?

Yes, we all know it, and we all want to make sure that we are paying the right amount of money, especially for our cannabis flower strains. So as much as possible, we follow a budget even though we want the highest-quality cannabis products on the menu, right?

BudLyft, in my opinion, offers affordable prices. They’re not really “unbeatable prices,” but out of all the many options you have today, theirs are minimal and standard.

In addition to that, BudLyft also offers free gifts, whether they are cannabis edibles, CBD products, coupon code availability, or any other form of gift! They want you to pay less!

Shipping and Delivery

Who doesn’t want a hassle-free delivery or shipping service? You could have the best and top-quality indicas, but would you be fine with getting it in such a hassle way?

BudLyft saves you from that. Their infrastructure and fulfillment process is as smooth as they should be. You order from them, you get a receipt or a confirmation, and you will receive your order in less than five (5) business days! I always receive mine on either the second (2nd) or the third (3rd) business day.

Any BudLyft review will tell you that the company does not really have problems when it comes to shipping and delivery, and I can’t tell you otherwise because there’s all truth in it!

Shipping fees are automatically canceled and removed if your order goes beyond $149.

Customer Service

Last but most definitely not least is their customer service. I get that most newbies and beginners won’t have a ton of ideas when it comes to premium quality products; that’s where BudLyft’s customer service comes in.

For one, they have a dedicated chat support team that runs 24/7 to help and assist you with anything you need.

Do you have questions about recreational use? Do you want to know how carefully-curated flowers are? Are you interested to find out how they will get to your door quickly? Their reps can answer all these!

BudLyft also has this comprehensive FAQ guide where you can get payment instructions, a guide when you get to the checkout screen, how secure Interac e-transfers are, and so on.

Overall, BudLyft has a rating of 8.5 out of 10. The 1.5 missings would be the assurance that a particular product is carefully curated and that the quality really is what they claim it to be.


I know that you are still stuck up and that you have a few more questions in mind that you want to know the answers to. I did due diligence and researched the most frequently asked questions about BudLyft online!

Is BudLyft Online Legit?

Yes, the question of legitimacy is automatically canceled out when we’re talking about BudLyft. The company has specific deals and promotions that are delivered to make the experience of all its clients better and more efficient.

Does BudLyft Offer Coupon Codes?

Yes, BudLyft offers deals and coupon codes that you can use for the sale! You can find the majority of these through the newsletter by signing up or if it’s given on the storefront. Apart from that, you can also get free gifts simply by purchasing from them!

Final Verdict

Personally, I know that this review was not like all other BudLyft reviews you’ve read before that were biased. Although they had unbeatable prices and excellent customer service, they aren’t a representation of the “perfect dispensary” in the cannabis industry.

With this, I want you to relax, knowing that you could purchase the best and top-quality indicas and sativas you can get without going over your budget ultimately.

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