Top 10+ Best Online Dispensary in Canada in 2023

Finding the best online weed dispensary in Canada for 2023 is not a walk in the park. Of course, since it became legal, we would choose to buy weed online because of its convenience.

The country is continuing to be one of the best nations when it comes to the cannabis industry, and so I’ll be listing the best online dispensary in Canada you can trust and bank on for your needs!

I’ll list each online dispensary in Canada with all the relevant information you need to know before you take the direction yourself. All these recommendations to find the best weed will be based on several factors:

  • The quality of their cannabis products and how they present it through their online cannabis store.
  • Free gifts, weed deals, and competitive prices.
  • Personal experiences with them and first impressions.
  • Customer service.

How to Find the Best Online Dispensary in Canada?

Finding the Best Online Dispensary in_Canada

Being a cannabis enthusiast for the longest time, I have a blurry set of memories of how my first experience. All I can remember was ordering weed online at the best and most reasonable price.

From then on, when I bought weed, I always tapped an online dispensary so that I didn’t have to set foot outside the house to get what I needed!

What’s even better is that some places you can buy weed online offer same-day delivery service!

Best Online Weed Dispensary Canada in 2023

Curious to know what I think the best online weed dispensary in Canada is? I won’t keep you hanging much longer. Here are the six (6) best online dispensaries that offer weed delivery in the country!

West Coast Cannabis (WcCannabis): Winner — Best Online Cannabis Store

West Coast Cannabis (WcCannabis) Winner — Best Online Cannabis Store

I won’t be jumping to conclusions here. I’ll give you every detail possible that would benefit and would seem essential to what you’re looking for. The best place to buy weed online for me, and from my personal experience, is West Coast Cannabis.

Also commonly referred to as Wccannabis, this marijuana dispensary has been among the most trusted dispensaries for various cannabis products. Check the complete review of WcCannabis.

The dispensary takes pride in its high ratings from Trust Pilot (4.6 stars) and Trust Index (4 stars), two (2) of the most prominent rating review websites in operation (as of February 2023).

You can purchase anything from your regular cannabis flowers, live resin, edibles, and even vape pens from them!

You’ll be surprised at the big discounts you can get from their AAAA+ craft cannabis products to chocolate edibles and even oils and topicals!

I still remember my first order of a distinct cannabis flower from them last year and since then, they’ve been my go-to. Order online from the best dispensary for me and enjoy the best and lowest prices without throwing good-quality products out the window.

Pros of West Coast Cannabis

  • The dispensary has some of the best and highest quality of buds, flowers, and concentrates.
  • They have a huge menu for marijuana flowers, edibles, topicals, oils, and tinctures
  • Excellent at providing great customer service from the chat box, the email, and the FAQs listed
  • Their high-quality shatter, budder, or wax are typically placed at $500 and $100
  • Employed skilled, experienced, and highly polite staff members both on-screen and off-screen.

Cons of West Coast Cannabis

  • Most items are sold out the minute they’ve been published.
  • The store can be a little busy, especially since their weed delivery is superior and premium
  • Payment methods accepted are only Bitcoin & Email transfer.

West Coast Cannabis Deals and Promos

Like many other dispensaries, West Coast Cannabis offers many different coupons, discounts, and deals. You can get 5% off with the code, an Amazon discount of 15%, and many more!

Haute Health: Runner-Up

Haute Health Runner-Up

Coming next is none other than Haute Health. In the cannabis industry, Haute Health has been known to be one of the sleekest and most sophisticated weed delivery services from the look of their website, the easy navigation they have to the huge selection of flowers and cannabis concentrates and the variety of cannabis products they offer.

The dispensary has an overall rating of 4.6 in Trust Pilot from a little under 1,100 reviews. They are most known for the high-quality cannabis products they have, as well as the volume of free gifts and a decent rewards points they offer their clients.

Most people who left bad reviews on Haute Health were not really about the company but because of Canada Post and their promise to deliver the products in the best shapes possible and on time.

They have everything from weed deals, loyalty programs, VIP programs, and a daily sale! Haute Health’s dedicated team has been trained to give excellent customer service to everyone.

Pros of Haute Health

  • They focus on the outcome or how it will look like in front of customers.
  • Haute Health also has its focuses on shipping insurance.
  • They’re employed with some of the industry’s best operators, staff members, and customer support teams.
  • VIP programs and loyalty programs are rampant. Get them to shave a few bucks off of your purchase.
  • Haute Health offers the finest quality of products at such low rates and prices.

Cons of Haute Health

  • Be careful of what you purchase. Of course, $2 to $5 weed may sound too good to be true.
  • Credit cards aren’t accepted, only Interac E-Transfers or crypto (Bitcoin).
  • Their menu is limited and fewer compared to competitors and other dispensaries.

Haute Health Deals and Promos

You can get up to 52% discount using the coupon code COMEBACK52, as well as 50% off your order! Other than that, you can check out Haute Health’s website to confirm and see other promos they have.

BudLyft: Best Online Weed Dispensary With a Large Menu

BudLyft_Best Online Weed Dispensary With a Large Menu

If you are trying to locate online dispensaries that have the most impressive selection of cannabis products, BudLyft should be in your options. They are a bulk MOM dispensary known for their huge selection of pre-rolls, a list of your favorite strains, and other premium quality products.

The cannabis market refers to BudLyft as one of the cannabis store options to go to if you are looking for same-day delivery with a big menu of items. You’ll find their endless list of marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, and edibles — all of which are high-quality and categorized properly.

They never miss out on giving free gifts to their loyal customers and frequenters, too! I’ve had a positive experience with them because there was a time when I was on the hunt for the best-quality cannabis, and the particular strain was available in their store!

You’ll find every type of product you’re looking for, from wholesale flowers and buds, concentrates, tinctures, shrooms, CBD and CBD edibles, and even vapes!

Old and new customers would be delighted to work with them because they have tons of coupon code options and the best rates, too!

Pros of BudLyft

  • Their daily weed deals are too good, considering you’ll purchase quality products.
  • Some tag them as the best online dispensary in Canada simply because of their selection or menu size.
  • You can order from wherever you are in the country via Canada Post and you get shipping insurance from them, too.
  • Same-day delivery is accepted in Mainland Vancouver to the lower part.

Cons of BudLyft

  • Their menu is big, but they’re mostly out of stock because of the fast influx of people and customers.
  • Daily weed promos and coupon codes are available, but because of the volume of people, they quickly run out urgently.

BudLyft Deals and Promos

3.5 grams of free weed using the coupon code CBBL20. You can also get free shipping on orders that are above $149. Check out BudLyft’s homepage for all other promotional offers.

The Canna Society: Best Online Dispensary With Hybrid Strains

The Canna Society Best Online Dispensary With Hybrid Strains

I would agree when you say that the abundance of high-quality, top-shelf marijuana is coming to a decline. I mean, in the past months, the best that I got was a half-pound rare strain from The Canna Society, you can read the complete review of Canna Society.

This Bulk mail-order marijuana has offered me the exact, perfect strain when I wanted and needed them the most. They work like magic as they have an impressive selection of regular or standard cannabis to top-shelf flowers and strains.

As a mail-order marijuana service, you can count on them and their urgency regarding delivery. Like many other marijuana dispensaries you can find, the Canna Society also has daily deals, a reward or loyalty point system that many customers find exciting!

Unfortunately, the dispensary does not have reviews on review websites like Trust Pilot or Trust Index. They have a set of comments and opinions from random people via Reddit.

Nevertheless, their unmatched great hybrid strains, matched with a flawless fulfillment process, is something you would definitely want to experience.

Whether you’re looking for top-shelf, premium, high-quality cannabis or if you are just in the market or your daily budget buds, The Canna Society can give you what it is you are looking for exactly.

Pros of The Canna Society

  • Most, if not all, their products are fairly priced.
  • Their hybrid strains are not the most common you will see in the industry.
  • If you’re a member, you can get discounts and promos.

Cons of The Canna Society

  • This marijuana dispensary is great. It’s just that they have a smaller menu of item variety
  • Their budget buds really fall under a budget, but don’t expect it to be too high quality
  • Their best weed and their minimum order are higher than the average

The Canna Society Deals and Promos

You can use the WELCOME20 coupon code to get a $20-off on your first order. The Canna Society management also holds daily deals and discount offers via the website’s homepage.

Herb Approach: Weed Dispensary With Great Prices

Herb Approach_Weed Dispensary With Great Prices

If you have ever heard of the Insiders Club in the world of cannabis, then that would probably be under Herb Approach. They are a well-known and prominent mail order marijuana service that offers some of the industry’s best prices for different types of buds.

Personally, I won’t tag them in the bulk MoMs category just because they have packs and match deals. They’re more on the quality side of things. I consider them as my go-to if I’m saving up or if I’m just buying my daily source of relaxing and tranquilizing buds.

They’re rated 4.3 stars in Trust Pilot with only 247 reviews in total, quite a few amounts compared to other mail-order marijuana services and companies in the list. Nevertheless, their reputable stature has been tested and proven by multiple people nationwide.

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So, if you want to work with the best online dispensary that offers accessories, cannabis extracts, cannabis edibles, or your regular set of flowers, you can never go wrong with Herb Approach’s fast delivery and excellent pricing!

Pros of Herb Approach

  • They could be the best online dispensary Canada with the lowest offers.
  • You will immediately ne given your tracking number, so you know where your items are going.
  • They have a big menu of items and everyday deals, especially for loyal customers and clients.
  • Their customer service hours are long.

Cons of Herb Approach

  • Products are high-quality, but delivery might not be as fast as expected.
  • They rarely have working everyday discounts and promos.

Weed Smart: Best For Coupon Code Availability, Mix & Match, and Discounts

Weed Smart

Last but most definitely not least in my favorite weed dispensary list is none other than WeedSmart. This dispensary in Canada is one of the best if you’re looking for a good type and quality of BC bud.

Their weed is great but not really phenomenal, to be honest. However, the sale season, weed deals, and their list of coupon codes are outstanding. If you are a new customer and just a newbie in cannabis, you will definitely want to order from them.

WeedSmart offers unbelievably great mix and match options and good deals! They might not have the best cannabis you can find online (compared to the others on this list), but I can assure you that they get their stuff from only the best and most talented growers in this side of the country.

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Pros of Weed Smart

  • Products are extremely potent and strong.
  • They have match deals you would want to get again the next time you order.
  • Canada Post (XPress Post, in particular) is a transport service.
  • All transactions are safe and secluded.

Cons of Weed Smart

  • They have a few showcased products.
  • They mostly have their favorite strains, but these are the most likely to run out.
  • Weed Smart’s everyday deals usually become out of stock at midday.

These are my six (6) best online weed dispensary options in Canada. As we mentioned, even though these six (6) are the best for me, what you’re looking for could be in a different store.

Special Mentions

Other than these top six (6) online dispensaries, there are other honorable mentions you can trust if you can’t find what you’re looking for in any of these.

Green Society

Green Society

Green Society is one of the many popular dispensaries in Canada. Some everyday users, usually those who don’t look for something premium, say they got the best weed.

Product quality-wise, they have good stuff going on. They’re also in the market for vape pens, canna edibles, concentrates, extracts, and many more.

Another great thing about Green Society is the fact that they have moderate-to-great customer service. They might not be responsive on the dot, but their staff members and personnel can answer your inquiry.

Crystal Cloud 9

Crystal Cloud 9

Another one of Canada’s greats is Crystal Cloud 9. This online weed dispensary is the best for new users or people who are just starting out in the industry. They market their products as the best weed as they get it from some of the country’s best and most popular growers.

I have had a few personal encounters with Crystal Cloud 9, and while I can’t say that they are the best overall, they have a good sense of delivery and distribution.

Crystal Cloud 9 is one of the best mail-order marijuana services that you won’t regret working with, thanks to their fair prices!

Speed Greens


Speed Greens is a dispensary in Canada that has been praised because of how consistent they are even after they’ve blown up in the industry. They recently allowed consumers to order online and get their premium products, which adds up to the company’s effectiveness and efficiency.

They are customer satisfaction-driven and can just be the best dispensary you will be working with. Speed Greens is what you want to work with for the best weed without burning holes in your pockets.

Get Kush

Get Kush

Last but most definitely not least in our worthy and honorable mentions is Get Kush. Much speculation has been said about Get Kush and its menu of items, but they are truly a force not to be reckoned with.

They’re one of the country’s longest-running (and still operating) dispensaries that houses your favorite strains and cannabis items for the lowest prices.

It’s the place where product quality meets cheap and inexpensive rates. It’s truly a dispensary that can get you the best value for your money.

FAQs on the Best Online Dispensary Canada in 2023

The year just started — why not start it with a bang by finding the best marijuana dispensary in Canada you can trust? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them!

What is the Best Marijuana Dispensary Brand?

There are a ton of different marijuana brands available that are currently circulating the market today. Whether you’re from Canada or the US, the best ones this year are:

leaf or Green Leaf
Cresco Labs
Surterra Wellness

What is the Biggest Weed Dispensary in the World?

The biggest weed dispensary in terms of square footage is Planet 13 Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you want to know the largest and most prominent cannabis products retailer in Canada, it’s none other than High Tide.

How Do You Start an Online Dispensary Canada?

Starting an online dispensary Canada is not like how you start a regular business. You need to do extreme amounts of research before you even start preparing for it. The simple roadmap of how you can start a Canadian online dispensary would be:

Do tons of research
Come up with a business name
Get a license or certification
Find the best and right suppliers
Identify your business goals
Apply for a business bank account
Partner with Canada Post or other courier services

Can I Ship Weed From Canada?

No, you can’t, it’s illegal and you could get jailed for it. You can only buy weed online in Canada if you are in Canada. Most, if not all, online dispensary options will only be able to ship within Canada anyways.

Final Verdict:

Whether your option is a part of this list or not, the best online dispensary will always be the one that gives the best value for your money.

Regardless of the types and kinds of marijuana flowers they have or whether they use Canada Post or not, the best online weed dispensary in Canada will prioritize customer satisfaction and give the best service over anything.

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