6 Best Hash Online Canada in 2023

Don’t worry if you’re not able to get the best hash online in Canada 2023 because we’re here to help! A lot of people aren’t able to get a hold of a dispensary they can trust, and therefore, they can’t find good-quality hash.

In this guide, though, we’ll get you everything you need to know about where to buy hash online! So we’ll discuss what hash is, how to use it, the best hash online, as well as where you can purchase them!

Right now, Moroccan is the best and hottest in the market. Get yours from West Coast Cannabis!

What is Hash Concentrate?

From the term alone, a hash is a type of concentrate that’s made from the resin of the cannabis plant. Also commonly referred to as hashish, it’s known and considered one of the best and most potent types of cannabis concentrates in the market.

The reason why it’s called hash is because of how the physical attributes are —it’s dry, and it has some type of rough texture.

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How is Hash Created and Made?

The process in which hash is made and created is complex and comprehensive, but when you find out how it’s made, you’ll understand it better and simpler. Hash is harvested and created by collecting the powdery resin from the plant material and then drying it.

Originally or the oldest way of collecting and gathering hash is by hand. What’s done is the worker scrapes the sticky resin from cannabis plants using their hands, but nowadays, mechanical equipment is used to do it.

Today, though, other methods and processes are used to create and produce hashish. This alone leads us to discuss…

Hash vs. Bubble Hash

Now, you might be wondering, what the hell is bubble hash? To tell you simply, hash actually has a few different types, and one of the most popular ones includes bubble hash.

Bubble hash is a specific type of hash that is made using the water and ice method. The process is simple iced water is stirred and mixed while cannabis buds or trimmed cannabis plant material are added to it.

Then, the water will be passed through bubble bags or the mesh filter, collecting resin glands before air-drying it.

How Do You Consume Hash?

As I slightly mentioned above, there are quite a few different ways to consume and use a hash. But, hash is typically smoked by breaking it down and by using a pipe, a dab rig, or a bong.

Alternatively, it can also be added to blunts and/or joints to get that more bang on the hit or that “extra kick” most of you are looking for.

Because of the higher THC concentration, if you mix it with a potent strain, you’ll really match the high you’re looking for.

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Best Hash Online Canada 2023: The Strongest and Most Potent Hash Canada

Being one of the nations that fully accepted cannabis, it’s no surprise that cannabis concentrates are readily available, too. So, if you’re looking for the best hash online, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is the best hash in Canada to enhance your smoking experience!

Moroccan Hash

Nothing beats OG —at least, that’s what they say. The famous Moroccan Hash has been one of the oldest and most classic hashish in Canada, and they’ve been famous because of its overall physical attributes, mainly because of its soft cocoa aroma.

Overall, the Moroccan Hash gives this day-dreamy, relaxed, and tranquil feeling, perfect for either daytime or nighttime use.

Afghani Hash

The Ketama Afghani Hash is another favorite mainly due to the similar spectrum it has with its Moroccan counterpart. They’re mostly pressed by hand (produced the old way), and their aromatic and dreamy scent will cover the entire room.

It gives off a sedating and relaxing effect with a kick of creativity. And because of its popularity, many people in Canada aren’t aware that the hash they’re being offered —when they purchase for the first time —is Afghani Hash.

Laughing Buddha Hash

What do you think of this hash strain when you first saw it? I don’t know about you, but I thought of it directly like what it’s called. The Laughing Buddha is one of the newest players in the game and is this exotic variant that is produced in Canada 100%.

The buds are legitimately sourced from the Laughing Buddha plant, and, overall, the hash is perfect in giving you this sweet, giggly, and uplifted feeling all the way through.

Red Lebanon Hash

Also referred to as the Red Lebanese, this red-colored hash is known for its extensive quality and the depth of how growers and cultivators create it. The best and most unique part? It’s cultivated for two (2) seasons (4 to 8 months).

This red hash has this spicy, herbal aroma and flavor profile that gives out a total cerebral high. Compared to Moroccan hashish, it’s stonier and a lot more powerful but in a calm and relaxed state.

Ice Cream Cake Hash

No, I’m not talking about everyone’s favorite —but every smoker’s. Ice Cream, also referred to as Ice Cream Kush, is a unique cultivar that sets itself apart from others because of the sweet, tasty terpene profile it possesses.

It’ll leave you focused, hungry, and creative —definitely one of the best and strongest hash online in Canada.

Diamond Hash

Last but definitely not least is Diamond Hash. Just like weed, it will give you the typical mix of perception elevation and lack of coordination, disrupting your senses at the expense of giving you total relaxation and tranquility.

The plant where Diamond hash comes from is known to be rich in trichomes, making it the perfect strain for anxiety and pain.

These are the strongest, most potent, and most popular hash online you can purchase in Canada. They’re all collected from the most talented and well-renowned cultivators in the country.


If you’re still not sure of the hash you are about to purchase, don’t worry —I got you! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about it!

What is the Strongest Hash to Buy?

According to connoisseurs who were able to explore the depths of cannabis concentrates for centuries, the best and strongest hash to buy is the Nepalese Temple Ball. It is partly true, but getting it in Canada is difficult, even for BC growers.

How Much Hash is Legal in Canada?

According to Canadian law, about 30 grams of hash of dried cannabis is legal at any time. Customers can purchase and carry dried cannabis so long as it wouldn’t exceed this limit.

Which Country Makes the Best Hash?

As of writing, Afghanistan is considered the best, largest, and most talented producer of hash in the world, and next up is Morocco, followed by Pakistan.

Is Hash the Same as Hashish?

Yes, hash and hashish are the same. So it’s just a matter of separating these two (2) terms because of synonyms in other industries.

Final Verdict

I know how it feels trying to find and figure out what the best hash online Canada is. Being one of the most popular and best cannabis concentrates, you’d want it to be as perfect as possible.

Whether you’re looking for Moroccan hash, Afghan Hash, or other prominent and well-known hash online, go back to this guide and never wonder where to look for good-quality weed products ever again!

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