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Jacob Smith


Hi, I am Jacob Smith, the founder of Dispensary In Canada and a marijuana expert.

I am a passionate marijuana grower that started as a hobby grower but became a full-time cultivator soon out of a passion for weed.

I have been growing different marijuana strains for the past 10+ years, and now I am sharing my knowledge with weed enthusiasts worldwide through DispensaryInCanada.com.

I have grown multiple successful weed crops and also failed a few times.

However, now I make weed growers avoid my mistakes, leading them to build one of the most successful weed gardens ever.

William Trembley

Medical Practitioner- Health Expert -MD

Hi, my name is William Trembley, and I am an MD and health expert in medicine and cannabis strains.

I have worked as a physician and health expert for over a decade and am the expert reviewer of marijuana strains at DispensaryInCanada.com.

With years of research and knowledge, I believe cannabis can be a revolutionary treatment agent for some medical conditions.

However, the research on this is going on, and hopefully, we may witness more common usage of marijuana for some medical conditions worldwide.